Sideshow has put up a brand-new Critical Role art piece for pre-order. And this one celebrates the heroes of Campaign 3.

Product Images And Description

Sideshow Art Prints presents The Draw of Destiny Fine Art Print, brand-new Critical Role artwork by artist Ian MacDonald celebrating the heroes of Critical Role Campaign 3: Bells Hells.

The vibrant heroes of Bells Hells are ready to take on the mysteries of Marquet in this officially licensed Critical Role Campaign 3 art. Brought together by the bombastic Bertrand Bell, these eclectic adventurers from all different backgrounds are learning how to be a team as they investigate several strange occurrences within the city of Jrusar. The Draw of Destiny print features Dorian, Imogen, Orym, Laudna, Fresh Cut Grass, Fearne (with Little Mister), Chetney, and Ashton leaping into action as the sunlit spires of Jrusar loom large in the skies above.

Each The Draw of Destiny Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the Critical Role collection offered by Sideshow. Available as an unframed giclée or in a custom framed presentation, this colorful tribute to a team of troublemakers is a must-have for Critters coming along for the latest journey.

This new piece of art is expected to be released between next month and August. The unframed version is going to cost $85, while the framed version will cost $270.

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