A new collectible statue is coming this year from Wizkids. And it is one of the most terrifying villains in D&D lore, Vecna.

This new figure was revealed in the above video, and it looks incredible.

Product Images And Description

The all-new Vecna resin statue by WizKids stands at 12” tall and includes intricate details, including the Book of Vile Darkness perched within Vecna’s ribcage. 

Now, while Vecna has had quite a few different collectibles throughout the years made, this one takes the cake. Wizkids has also released the Eye And Hand Of Vecna as well. So a figure of the Lich himself is perfect.

This figure is priced at $262.49 and is up for pre-order currently. As of right now, it is unknown when Wizkids will be releasing this figure, as the release date is marked as TBA.

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