You wouldn’t want the Inquisitors coming after you, so make sure to watch Obi-Wan Kenobi episode three before reading!

Before we get into the actual review, I want to reiterate my support for Moses Ingram as Reva. No one deserves the horrific treatment that she’s been given by so-called fans of Star Wars. Critique a performance or writing all you want, but don’t go into racist or violent messages to a performer/actor.

Now that’s out of the way, to start off, oh my god, that line from Obi-Wan to Leia about the Force feeling like turning on a light in the dark, that got me.

You know what else got me?

Seeing Darth Vader quite simply overpower Obi-Wan. In their last meeting, they were evenly matched. After 10 years of not using the Force, Obi-Wan is weak. Vader’s hatred, rage, and lust for revenge have made him stronger than ever. Does Obi-Want tap into whatever makes him stronger at some point in the series? I hope so, and I also hope he doesn’t. it might not gel well with A New Hope, where Obi-Wan puts up more of a fight against Vader, but it fits this story better. He’s not a powerful Jedi any longer, he needs more to win his fights.

This was a hell of a third episode, usually, this slot is more reserved for “filler” aspects or something to just simply move the story along. This, however, gave us both. The Rebellion is active, and while not the force that battles the Imperials head-on, they move more in the shadows. This was more development for Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan With PTSD

Indira Varma was great as the Rebel spy, and I’m sure we’ll get more great moments from her. The one puzzling thing was Vader’s actions while Kenobi was making his escape. He showed he could put out the fire about 10 seconds earlier, and yet, he didn’t. He could have smashed the droid with the Force, but he didn’t. It’s confusing as to why he wouldn’t want to capture Kenobi there. He didn’t want to fight him, because he bested him earlier. So, I’m not entirely sure, maybe we’ll find out later in the series. Outside of that, this was a grand episode. It gave us more menacing moments from the Inquisitors, who are all vying for the spot of Grand Inquisitor now.

But really, this was filled with so many small moments from Ewan McGregor as Kenobi, who makes it feel like no time has passed since he’s played the character. He’s stepped right back in, and the character work here is great. Whether it’s “seeing” Anakin in the distance, his apprehension at lighting his Lightsaber, or just his complete helplessness when fighting Vader, it’s astounding to see a once-powerful Jedi, reduced to this.

Reva is also tipping her hand as to what lengths she’s willing to go to get on Lord Vader’s good side. Does she know something more about Leia? Or is she just going after her because she was with Kenobi? I guess we’ll have to find that out, but this show is already off to such a great start.

Visuals Clash

Just to wax a little bit about the visuals of seeing that deep blue hue over Obi-Wan when he lit his Lightsaber for the first time; it’s one of the most striking visuals to come out of Star Wars in a long time. The series does its best when those colors clash like the Lightsabers on screen. That blue color signifies hope and it’s no mistake that Indira Varma’s blaster color was blue as well. Juxtapose that against the black and red of Darth Vader, and there’s a fascinating color scheme used. It really contrasts with the colors of the first half of the episode with the browns, greens, and greys of the surrounding planet.

This third episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite so far. The character work mixed with the visuals and development of the story all adds together for a great episode of Star Wars TV.

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