Have you been watching season two of Krypton on teh SyFy Channel? Yeah, neither have I. And, by the looks of the ratings, not many other people have watched, either.


When SYFY premiered Krypton it rated a .4 with 1.32 million viewers. As the season wound on it steadily declined from a .4 to .3 then a .2. Ultimately the final episode landing on a .1, with only around half a million pares of eyeballs watching.  SYFY had, however, renewed the show as it hovered around a .2 before the finale and final low.

Recently, SYFY made a big push to hype its second season with the appearance of fan favorite Lobo. Sadly, however, the backlash from viewers wasn’t the reaction the SYFY was hoping for. The main-man looked more like a last-minute middling-con cosplayer than a character on show with a decent budget. 

Spoilers ahead for a show that might soon be as extinct as the fictional planet it’s named after.

Krypton series as doomed as its namesake planet


On June 12th Season 2 premiered to less than half a million people viewers. The show scored its lowest rating yet… not a great sign for any premiere. This week, however, saw a slight uptick , bringing the rating up from a .11 to a whopping .12. That’s an an all time high for the season!  The reason for this massive leap in numbers might be attributed to the introduction of a new/old character.

Superman’s grandfather arrives and renames his child Cor-Vex to… (wait for it) JOR-EL! Thus the episode brings the show one step closer to the Kal-El we all know and love.  This dramatic twist might be responsible for the slightest of upticks in the ratings, but it seems that, just as in the comics, Jor-El might not be enough to save Krypton from its ultimate fate.

Krypton is not a cheap show and SYFY is known for letting their series go when they hit low ratings, especially if they are costly.  Deadly Class, The Extant, and many more were dropped for less ratings… er more ratings?  Better rating, that’s sounds right.

Like baby Kal-El, there is a single hope remaining for DC’s entree into SYFY’s line up.  An off-shoot, similar to a single rocket flying towards a kindly couple on earth, is being made: a spin-off featuring the other, direct comic connection, Lobo.

Is there any hope for Superman’s homeworld?

Is there any hope for Krypton?  Well, SYFY hasn’t made any official moves yet, but the rumors are in the wind. And I must confess, despite my previous declaration, I have been watching the show and despite a few bumps here and there, the quality of the story telling and acting has been better than expected. The Doomsday origin story that took place in the same episode as Cor-Vex name change was very well done.  Not much solace for a doomed planet or a series.