Announced earlier today, a brand new D&D plush is releasing later this year.

Wizkids announced the next plush in their Phunny Plush collection with Kidrobot. Now, this plushie is a part of the Dungeon & Dragons plush line Kidrobot sells. And is probably one of the best-looking D&D-themes plush ever.

Behold the goddess Tiamat in all her… cuddly glory? From the lore of Dungeons & Dragons, the dragon goddess Tiamat takes the form of a 16-inch plush! The necks of all five heads, as well as the wings, are bendable. Made from the softest premium plush materials.

This new plush could also be good to use if you don’t have an actual Tiamat mini for your game. She is up for pre-order right now and is priced at $43. Her expected release date is set to Winter/Q4 2022.

Alongside her, some other plush that are for pre-order include:

These plush are expected to release all throughout this year.