Star Wars Day (May the 4th) is nearly upon us! That’s when the Bad Batch returns in their own series to launch the next wave of Lucasfilm animation. In honor of the day, Disney is already beginning to make its marketing push, as well. From the Galactic Snackin’ Grogu to a “Free Hugs” Chewbacca pin, there’s a slew of family-friendly fun products from which to choose. There are even Star Wars handcuffs!

Wait, what?

Star Wars Handcuffs; Disney
Who doesn’t need a good pair of binders, really? (Image: Disney)

Yes, that’s right, now you too can own your very own pair of First Order binders! We’ve seen them a few times in the sequel trilogy, with Poe Dameron modeling them the most. These are no ordinary Star Wars handcuffs, however. According to the website, you can “[b]e ready to take members of the Resistance into custody with these First Order Binders, which feature red and green light effects to indicate if they are closed or open. With a layer of padding inside, your prisoner will have no complaints.

Disney offers Star Wars handcuffs for May the 4th

Its no surprise that Disney has gone all-in when it comes to marketing the Star Wars sequel trilogy. It has a whole theme park centered in the era, after all (Galaxy’s Edge). But let’s be honest; the First Order just never had the same, menacing feel or the sinister allure of the Empire from the original trilogy. I get that Disney is wholly invested in the sequels, but Star Wars handcuffs? Really? Someone in marketing said “hey, you know what the kids will love? Shackles!”

Star Wars Handcuffs; First Order; Star Wars Day
Image: Disney

Here are the product details… If you’re still interested in slapping a pair of Star Wars handcuffs on your three-year old, that is:

  • Molded plastic First Order wrist binders
  • Press button on side of binder to open
  • Red light effect indicates closed; green light indicates open
  • Foam padding inside for comfortable fit
  • Binders attached at rotating center
  • Inspired by Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World and Disneyland

The Star Wars handcuffs, er, First Order Binders, retail for $19.99 and are available at Shop Disney online HERE. IF you’re so lucky to actually be able to visit one of the Disney Parks, you can pick them up in Galaxy’s Edge, too. So, may the Force be with you, I guess?