Thanks to our friends over at Nerdbot we now get to see some serious pop culture battles thanks to their live-action Character Select web series. In their newest episode, we get a battle of the Outer Rim’s The Mandalorian vs Mega-City One’s Judge Dredd.

Character Select Episode 3, Mandalorian vs. Judge Dredd

“This episode was really exciting to produce. When we sit down and create these match ups with our team, we try to mix in relevant characters, but also use characters we know and love. The Mandalorian was an obvious choice because we love the show and his character development. At first we considered Blade as a possible match up for him, but someone said DREDD and that was it! I’m a huge fan of the 2012 reboot with Karl Urban, so the idea of him matching up with The Mandalorian felt right. Especially with the weapon choices. We all had a great time paying homage to both characters and loved diving into their fandoms to create this episode.

Source: Character Select producer Elvin Zuleta

Expect to see a deep story, cameos from every multiverse, a truly action-packed fight, and more! Check out all “Character Select” episodes exclusively on Nerdbot Studios’ YouTube channel here.

Photo: Nerdbot

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Source: Nerdbot