Not to beat a dead horse but once again Boom Studios knocks it out of this world! This first issue into the Power Rangers Unlimited series of side stories is so well done it will stitch into the fabric of the Ranger universe flawlessly!

Call Her Kay

We see Kay having fun with her target, the Prism Rangers. If you don’t recall them they were first seen in SuperMega Force as a Legendary power. These suits are used from the Sentai Series, Flashman about 5 years before Zyuranger the source material used for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

After trying to get info on the location of Zordon. She beams back up to her ship. She goes by the name Kay at this point. No, it’s not short for Karone it’s K-60102. She goes back up to her ship and blows off a call from General Ecliptor. Just to go back to her quarters and examine her fight and see where she messed up. Eventually, she reaches out and we get a flashback to a smaller K.

Kids and Cheapshots

Master Ecliptor is training 4 young orphans all to be molded into weapons for the great Dark Spector. Kay is at a disadvantage always losing to her “sibling” Dee. Ecliptor is a difficult taskmaster always putting the children down and breaking them keeping them in their place.

we keep seeing other flashbacks at different ages how there is a strong rivalry between Dee and Kay and how Kay always loses as she doesn’t have an advantage over Dee. By their teens, Dee is now training underDarkonda. Kay keeps losing and is so “in her head” she has so much doubt. Ecliptor, worried that his apprentice will not live up to Dark Spector’s standards. He chooses to give K back the necklace she had as a child. He weaves the story that the rangers killed her parents and they wanted to take up the cause to kill them. This reinvigorates her, making her more ruthless than before.

A Final Showdown

Dee and Kay are pitted against each other for the final time. The winner will be declared the Heir to Dark Spector. Kay, with her newfound drive, not only wins but scars Dee that she will have to wear a mask from now on. Yes, the girl Dee is Divatox!

After stepping into the darkness to claim her title and prize. Inside a black void and the only thing Kay could see was her pendant. She keeps seeing memories and visions to sway her from taking the pendant and squashing the light inside the darkness. Instead, she takes it and steps out as Astronema Empress of Darkness. she has her own plane and way she will do things and she is setting a course for the Planet Onyx. Even if she thinks it’s a waste of her time.

Thoughts from The Morphin’ Grid

The was fantastic! Some character backstories are either drawn out over too many panels or shortened to get tidbits here and there. This was an excellent idea to go with a larger book and progress thru time to get the idea of the weight of Kay’s showdown with Dee.

Whoever her other 2 siblings are, I haven’t figured out yet but I hope they get wedged into ranger lore. Even tieing Divatox into the backstory leaves so many more opportunities in the future!

I hope we get another issue. The fraternal relationship from Ecliptor needs to be drawn out to get where we are by the time we get to PRiS. But speaking of tie-in how perfectly that this goes directly into Power Rangers #5?!

Unlimited Covers

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