Hasbro recently revealed wave two of the Lightning Collection and gave us our first two packs for the toy line. Now we have even more surprises coming from the Lightning Collection. This time we discovered those surprises at Best Buy.

Lightning Collection

Coming from a Best Buy listing we get the reveal of a brand new two-pack. This Lightning Collection two-pack wasn’t shown at San Diego Comic-Con. In fact, Hasbro didn’t even hint at this in an interview with That Hashtag Show at SDCC. Neverhtless, we have new figures to fans’ delight!

New Lightning Collection two-pack available at Best Buy

We now have images of a Leo the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger and Psycho Red. Leo comes with his Quasar Saber both in its sword form and collapsed form. Accessories also includ his civilian head, and a fire effect for one of his signature attacks. Psycho Red comes with his Psycho Sword weapon and a alternate pair of hands that works as his lightning attack effect. The two pack is priced at 39.99 and has no set release date. Admittedly, many fans would have wanted In Space Red for this two pack. Nevertheless, this pairing works just as well since they were the villains in the Lost Galaxy and In Space team up.

The reveal of this two-pack this leads us to wonder what other figures are just waiting to be discovered. It’s unclear if this pack is a surprise release to be a part of wave 2 or a early sign of what’s to come in wave 3. This also brings a nice bit of info, i.e. that we can now expect two-packs to be a regular offering in future releases of figures for the Lightning Collection. We can also see they aren’t wasting time creating fan favorite Ranger or villain figures. Are you excited for this two-pack? Let us know in the comments below!