MCM Comic Con London opened today welcoming hundreds of fans through the doors.

Cosplayers at MCM Comic Con London
Scarlet Witch & Loki up to mischief no doubt

The first thing to notice is the lack of pandemic measures now that the UK has relaxed most rules and regulations around them. MCM Comic Con London was one of the first major events to return last year as restrictions were lessened. The crowds were more than ready to come back to these kinds of events as they made clear when asked about Covid by Dante Basco and Janet Varney during their panel.


That is getting ahead of myself as the first thing that I did once I had arrived was to check out the Pop Asia Performance Space. Performing there was Kerri Louise, described as a classically trained singer who performs in a variety of styles. She also performed in cosplay as you can see below.

Kerri Louise performing at Pop Asia

Check out her final song below.

Mental Health & Media

The next panel I went to was “The Importance of Mental Health Representation In Comics”. This panel takes a look at how comics deal with discussing mental health for better or worse. The panel members themselves spoke a little about their own mental health struggles before delving into the wider subject. There was a general consensus that comics are moving in the right direction, citing examples of writers being allowed to write stories about their own traumatic experiences. They did point out where things can still be improved.

Here is a clip from the panel.

Braving The Elements

Panel at MCM Comic Con
Janey Varney & Dante Basco

The next event was on the Main Stage, a panel featuring Janet Varney and Dante Basco. The voices of Korra and Prince Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. The panel will be a special episode of their podcast ‘Avatar: Braving The Elements’. The two spoke about the joy of travelling again after the Pandemic. They then both shared their experiences of the flights over with Janet having an easier time of it.

The pair took a number of questions from the excited crowd of fans. Submissions ranged from favourite episodes, to things that they wish had made it into the show and much, much more. They also confirmed that there is a new film coming sent in the Avatar-verse. Unfortunately that was all they knew and could not provide any more details to the fan who asked for confirmation.

Varney stated that she would not be interested in playing Korra again. She stated that the role should go to an actor of colour. Questions also came up such as what hybrid animal would they like to bring into the real world.

That’s all for the main part of the day from MCM Comic Con London 2022. Saturday and Sunday are the main days with cosplay meeetups, more panels and much bigger crowds so please join me then.