This April Universal’s DreamWorks is bringing The Bad Guys into town. An adaption of the New York Best-Selling series by Aaron Blabey, the bad guys turning good. But, will they be able to?

The Bad Guys Have Arrived

This animated comedy film follows an animal criminal crew of outlaws. Wanted by the law, they are finally caught. To avoid going to jail, they make the deal to turn into good guys. Although not planning on keeping said promise, Mr. Wolf, their leader, realizes something. That is that being good may give him what he secretly always dreams about. To be accepted. Now, when a new criminal comes to town, Mr. Wolf must convince the others that being good isn’t so bad.

As seen from the trailer, we can expect great fun from The Bad Guys. Form the antics of the group, to the hilarious attempt at being good. Like, when trying to save a cat, the “s-words” they think of are smack and savor. And, sharing means Mr. Snake eating it all and Mr. Shark then eating him. I mean, the logic makes sense but might not be the best “good guy” thing to do. It is that and more that will not only make this movie funny but with its heartfelt meaning in the end. The Big Bad Wolf has a heart of gold, an old tale in a new way.

The Bad Guys in Their Get Away Car
(from left) Ms. Tarantula (Awkwafina), Mr. Snake (Marc Maron), Mr. Shark (Craig Robinson), Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos) and Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell) in DreamWorks Animation’s The Bad Guys, directed by Pierre Perifel.

WHo They Are

Starring in this action-comedy is Academy Award, Winner Sam Rockwell. Rockwell will be voicing the dashing and charming leader of the pack, Mr. Wolf. Alongside him will be Marc Maron as the safecracking Mr. Snake and Craig Robinson as the master of disguise Mr. Shark. As well as Anthony Ramos as the muscle of the group Mr. Piranha. Lastly, we have Awkwafina as Ms. Tarantula, aka “webs”, the hacker and sharp tongue of the group.

Oh, and I couldn’t forget Richard Ayoade will be Mr. Marmalade. The arrogant but well-meaning guinea pig who is the Bad Guys Mentor. He takes on the task of teaching these bad guys how to do good deeds.

As mentioned, The Bad Guys are based on the New York Best-Selling series of the same name by Aaron Blabey. Directing this adaptation is Pierre Perifel. Previously known for his animation in Kung Fu Panda, this will be his feature-directing debut. Producing the film are Damon Ross and Rachel Huntley. Whereas the executive producers will be Aaron Blabey, Patrick Hughes, and Etan Cohen.

The Bad Guys will exclusively steal their way into theaters on April 22.

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