Like many of you, I am purely obsessed with the Netflix dating series Love is Blind. I find the premise ridiculous, but also realistic. While churning out interesting characters who haven’t had the best luck in love hoping this time will be the time.

Love is Blind puts strangers in separate pods in hopes their true self comes through and they make a love connection based on who they are vs how they look. Unlike other dating series on television, this show uses average-looking people. Seriously, not one is a model and they’re all people you’d see at your local bar.

What I love about this season is how diverse the cast is. They are not only all over the race spectrum, but also body shape, age, height, etc. While I have issues with the use of the plus-sized women only being shown in promos or to continue showing us how shallow Shake is (like we know, promise), I do think it’s a step in the right direction. I hope for season 3, we actually get to see every go on dates vs spending 10 minutes having the same conversation over and over and over again with the same couples.


At this point in Love is Blind season 2, the couples have dated in the pods, and met and went to Cancun. Then, they made it to the real world where they met each other’s friends and families and even picked out their wedding dresses. Next, we’re headed to the altar! But, who do I think will actually make it? Let’s discuss.


This couple started off a little rocky, to say the least. Jarrette proposed to Mallory in the pods and she was like, immediately no. Mallory let Jarrette know she has more of a connection with Sal but cared for him very much. Honestly, this news was a shocker to me because the footage shown of Sal in the pods was incredibly dull. She seemed bored. I was bored. Then later we see that Sal sang to her!  Like, producers…show us that. Moving on. 

Mallory and Sal’s meeting in person was super awkward, to say the least. Their time in Cancun was fine. Was anyone else SHOCKED to learn that Mallory and Sal had slept together or was it just me? Sal had a breakdown over Mallory talking with Jarrette, but they make up and head home where the drama continues. Apparently, Sal has an ex that he dumped before getting on the show. You can see Mallory isn’t super into Sal, and if Sal is honest with himself he’s not that into Mallory either. They have ZERO chemistry together and just seem bored.

So, do I think Mallory and Sal will make it to the altar? 100% – No. Do I think Mallory is regretting her decision to turn down Jarrette’s proposal? Also, no, but wouldn’t it be great tv if they did run off together?


The couple we ALL saw coming. But, here’s the thing, Shake is super garbage, misogynistic, with deep levels of self-hatred towards himself and those like him. He really should watch that old Ryan Gosling movie, The Believer, and see how that goes. His mother is the GOAT of the season, basically telling him that Deepti is too good for him and that she knows her son is trash.

Shake says ad nauseam how AMAZINg Deepti is – which we all know. However, he’s not sexually attracted to her after Mexico. I’m sorry, did we all not watch the same moment they met where HE was the one who was all over HER?! He really needs to do some self-reflection before pointing fingers at anything but himself. 

Do I think they’ll make it to the altar – No. And I really hope it’s Deepti, not Shake who says no.


This couple breaks my heart and is truly one of the only ones I think held onto their representative vs breaking down walls to show who they truly are. In the pods, Jarrette was trying to decide between Mallory and Iyanna. In the end, he chooses and proposes to Mallory who quickly turns him down. Then, he decides to also propose to Iyanna after the fact. Yes, Jarrette was honest with Iyanna about choosing Mallory first. So, she had to decide if she would be okay with being his second choice. I was honestly surprised when Iyanna came back the next day with a ‘yes’. SHOCKED. 

I understand when dating in the real world relationships end, we move on and find someone else. However, in Love is Blind land you’re dating all at once. So, if someone turns you down and you go to the next person on your list you are 100% settling in this experiment. 

While being incredibly different, Iyanna and Jarrette are absolutely adorable together. I hope that Iyanna can move past being a second choice (I don’t think I could), and I hope Jarrette understands that getting married is about more than the words and a paper. At this point in time, he doesn’t seem ready to give up any of his bachelorhood. No one is saying he can’t and shouldn’t party with his boys, but going out nightly or even every weekend to drink and the partying seems…a bit much. On the flip side, Iyanna may not be a person who enjoys going out, but she should also suck it up and join him from time to time.

Do I think Iyanna and Jarrette will say ‘I do’? Sadly, yes.


Whoooo doggy. This couple I thought was going to be my favorite, but they have me screaming at the tv for them to break up in every episode. Nick and Danielle were the first to propose and meet in person. Danielle has been very open about her insecurities, and Nick about himself and hopes for the future. However, this couple in action had me gooped from the moment Nick came back to tell Danielle to gossip she missed because she was sick. Danielle, while watching Nick from the balcony with the group, spun stories about him and made herself angry at him for no reason.

It only gets better from here. Danielle continues to throw her insecurities in Nick’s face, while he does his best to not run away in the face of danger. She is constantly putting words in his mouth, creating irrational scenarios in her head, while continuously blaming how insecure she is because she lost 70lbs – and Nick takes it. Watching him apologize for things he never did is excruciating and you can see it wearing on him in every episode. 

While I think this couple could actually work in time, Danielle really needs to go to therapy and deal with these insecurities she’s been open about. In the infamous words of Ru Paul, ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ I truly believe once Danielle learns self-love, she and Nick can make it work. 

Do I think they will say ‘I do’? No. But I don’t think they will break up either. I see them as Love is Blind season 2’s, Gigi and Damian. 


These two are the sleeper-hit couple of the season! While in the pods, they show Shayne talking with both Natalie and Shaina. However, it was pretty apparent that Natalie was the woman he wanted to marry, while Shaina was the girl he wanted to sleep with. At one point, Shayne is obviously drunk and calls Natalie the WRONG NAME! Instead of apologizing, Shayne goes into gaslight mode telling Natalie she has no right to be upset with him for messing up so badly. 

In the end, Natalie and Shayne work it out and just like Damon Salvatore, the viewers somehow forgive him for being such an asshole. Watching Natalie and Shayne together just works in the way Barnette and Amber do. And of course, they have their very own Jessica with Shaina. A girl who just doesn’t know when to let go and is willing to string someone else along just to get face time with Shayne. We all know Shaina never had feelings for Kyle, right?

Natalie and Shayne’s dynamic is youthful, fun, wild, quirky, and he calls her out for being too jokey. Girl, if you’re being too jokey in serious moments for Shayne that’s saying something. In the end, these two have become my favorite couple and the only one I’m actually rooting for.

Do I think they’ll make it to the altar? 1000000% yes.

So what do you think of Love is Blind season 2 couples? Who do you think will say I do and who will say I don’t? Comment below and let me know! Stay tuned to THS for more news, reviews, and exclusives!

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