This week HBO Max’s And Just Like Thatreminds us what the show is all about. Sex. Because you can take the city out of sex, but you can’t take the sex out of the city. Isn’t that why the original is called Sex and the City?

And Just Like That With A Bit Of The Original

And Just Like That.. Episode 8 dinner date where the question is, you still do that?

This week’s episode of And Just Like That is a bit uncomfortable. It begins with Charlotte and Harry being caught in a compromising position by their daughter Lilly. I am as surprised as Miranda on that front! Anyhow, Charlotte panics and tells Lilly that she is checking for Cancer. Because, you know, that is way less traumatizing than admitting they were having sex. Let her think her daddy might be sick.

Furthermore, when Charlotte tries to smooth things over, it somehow just gets worse. While out at lunch together, Charlotte finds a picture of Lilly wearing tight gym clothes on a secret Instagram. Charlotte begins worrying that her daughter may be trying to look sexy for guys at such a young age. Carrie helps her realize that Lilly is just trying to find out who she is and that Charlotte’s conservative upbringing is different than Lilly’s.

Meanwhile, Carrie has a new neighbor. When first introduce, I see some parallels with this new character as to a younger Carrie. That is solidified when the neighbor kicks out her boyfriend, who’s been having sex with many of her friends. And it seems Carrie may become a mentor for this young jewelry designer. Oh, and now with the boyfriend gone hopefully, they let her sleep.

Miranda Finally Pulls The Plug

Finally, the moment I have been dreading. Miranda ends her marriage with Steve. Steve is just happily watching a game when she comes in and shatters his world…and mine. This all happens because Che says they do not want to be a home-wrecker. If Che had not spoken up, would Miranda have kept being with both Steve and Che? I don’t understand why she didn’t just ask for an open marriage. Man Miranda is looking worse and worse.

Without a doubt, the best part is what Steve tells Miranda. He reminds her that they always go through these loops. She is never satisfied. Steve is enough for a little while. Miranda finds she needs more. Then she goes back to Steve and the cycle repeats itself. Steve is over it and says he’s too old for that. So let’s hope things work out with Che because there is no turning back for Miranda from here.

And So My Thoughts On Ep. 8

And Just Like That Episode 8. Che realizes she is breaking up a marriage.

And Just Like That… has grown on me. This week’s episode is a bit uncomfortable for me, but that is because I hate confrontation. I find myself working hard to avoid it, even in shows. Although, what makes it hilariously uncomfortable was the “tip slips”. Particularly, the Harry one. It definitely takes you by surprise. Although it also creates some weird nostalgia, as old-school Sex and the City fans are well aware those, and other things were frequently shown on the show.

Undoubtedly the hardest scene to watch is when Miranda tells Steve she wants a divorce. As I said, he is just happily watching a game when BAM! His world is falling apart. His words hit hard because even he says how he is content knowing they are living a normal life and not needing more as Miranda does. He is happy having a routine, while Miranda feels suffocated by it. I love Steve and he is right. He is always there when Miranda needs him and even when she pushes him away he is always the loyal one…except for the one time he had an affair. In the end, I hope Steve finds his dessert ritual loving woman, or even let us hope he is content being on his own not having to share his yogurt.

And Just Like That…There Were 2

We are on the last two episodes of And Just Like That. Carrie’s big redo with Peter is coming up. It is not a date, she makes sure to point that out. As for Miranda, she runs off to meet up with Che. In the preview we see them fighting and Che saying they are not dating. After telling Miranda she loves her I’m thinking she wants an open relationship, but we shall see. I’m looking forward to seeing what these last two episodes bring to us. I hope Miranda does not end up with Che she does not deserve it after breaking Steve’s heart. I know that’s mean but man poor Steve!

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