With the Eltarian war spanning both series, we hope you are caught up, because today’s issue is action-packed! Panel by panel you’ll be locked in and won’t believe what happens!

When Eltar Met Zedd

Since Zordon has taken over as Supreme Commander, the Eltaraian fleet is going to help defend their own planets. They thought it was Rita’s doing, but now they finally meet the Emperor of Evil, Lord Zedd himself!

Back In The Present On The Moon

It’s as if the battle has been waging for 10,000 years and hasn’t taken a break. Zedd and Zordon are going hit for hit, blow for blow, comment for comment. Zedd’s mind is twisted from Zartus’ word, and Zordon tries to explain to his former mentor that it was all a lie.

The Rangers Fighting To Survive

Finally we get some zords showing up to fight the massive Empyreals. The rangers separate them so they don’t get in their respective ways. Tigerzord on the ground, Dragonzord underwater, and the Omegazords in space. Meanwhile, Zedd’s monsters and Zelya start fighting the Sentry Force Four. Grace even joins the fight, using the refurbished Dragon Dagger to destroy the crystal Zartus had been using to control the World Killers. Zartus “flees.”

With the Crystal broken, the Empyreals have no restraints. The Earth Rangers jump into the Thunder Megazord to lend a hand, letting Tommy break away from the fight. Now if you remember, the only thing that slowed down the Empyreal before was the power of two combined blasts from the Omegazords. But now there is a better plan…


Back On The Moon

Zedd and Zordon are still at it. Zartus teleports to the moon and under Bandera castle find his backup plan:

The Zeo Crystal…

Thoughts From THE GRID

Wow. Like I said, this issue was jam-packed with action! Not a single dull panel! I thought we were done with flashbacks at this point, but how the story seamlessly transitioned into the present was just an excellent choice in writing.

Now let’s talk about the new Megazord combo. It totally makes sense that the power of the White light can combine with just about anything. We’ve already seen the Red Tiger Omega Zord in MMPR #50 and the MechaZord in Go Go Power Rangers #31. You know the hardcore MMPR fanboys are either going to love or hate this design. As for me, I think it’s a smart amalgamation of both zords, using the Dragonzord like a power-up armor.

As for whatever Zartus has planned with the Zeo Crystal, that remains to be seen. How will Zordon and Zedd’s battle end? Are we going to get a team-up blast at the end? There is so much riding on the next issue – and I can’t wait for it!

Battle Worthy Covers!

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