Well if I did a Top 10 of Mighty Morphin’… I have to make one for Power Rangers, of course!

For this list, instead of doing one cover per Top 10 entry, some issues had several variants that I enjoyed. So you might see multiple covers, but I’m keeping the list to 10 total issues. I’ve chosen to use the Virgin Variants to show off all this great art!

Here’s the best Power Rangers covers of 2021, listed in release order:

Power Rangers Issue #4

It should go without saying that this list has to start off with the beautiful cover of Trini. Thuy Trang was taken from us too soon, and this cover shows all her poise and power! Matteo Scalera’s cover also shows how dark and grim the oncoming threat of the Empyreals is.

Power Rangers #6

This excellent legacy cover dropped right after the Heir of Darkness one shot. Daniele Di Nicuolo conveys the fierce attitude of Astronema with the protective nature of everyone’s favorite Space Dad, Ecliptor!

Power Rangers #7

Peach Momoko excels at these portraits, and her fluid technique blends so well with the morphin’ energy.

Power Rangers #8

If you haven’t figured out by now, putting together the main covers reveals a variant cover in between on the lighting bolt. With the lead up of Zordon and Zedd’s story, Goni Montes’ bright cover of a young Guardian Zordon shines! Matteo Scalera’s menacing cover of the Empyreals power pales over the OmegaZords.

Power Rangers #9

The only issue on this list is to have three awesome covers! Trini, the focus of the story, is front and center in the cover by Mirka Andolfo. Daniele Di Nicuolo once again shows off his skill posing the rangers ready for what’s coming. Lastly, the cover by Matteo Scalera leaves us “hanging” as the tension between Jason and Drakkon is palpable.

Power Rangers #10

I had to follow through with the Zedd cover as it spanned both MM and PR main covers with the huge revelation! And speaking of huge revelations, Yale finally becoming the Blue Omega Ranger with the help of the Blue Emissary was awesome. I had so much fun reading this issue I was moved to tears at the end.

Power Rangers #11

Daniele Di Nicuolo Cover

Following up from Trini calling out to the Last Emissary… This issue was his final show down! What a fitting cover, before the final Empyreal appears.

Power Rangers #12

With the final Empyreal born, Drakkon has kept up his end of the bargain. With this new “Scarred” form, he’s ready to face the Omega rangers. Goni even gave Drakkon a sort of ,but swirled around all the turmoil and vile power of the Empyreals.

Power Rangers #13

Gerald Parel does a glowing representation of the full Omega Ranger Team! Plus, Yale’s first issue flaunting his new power gets a sharp cover by Yenjin Park.

Power Rangers #14

In the last issue of the year, Daniele Di Nicuolo’s wonderful use of color shows off that the Empyreals have arrived on Earth at the command of Zartus. While Jorge Corona’s first cover is so adorable that I have seriously considered getting a tattoo of kitten Yale!


Boom Studios didn’t just have the two Rangers series running simultaneously. They also had supplemental issues and started a whole new series!

Power Rangers Unlimited: Heir to Darkness

This Astronema prequel was excellent and the choice to release the issue right around Power Rangers #6 was masterful. It is a fantastic tie-in with EQUALLY fantastic art! Jenny Frison’s portrayal gives Karone a Fierce Femme Fatale look. Dan Mora just does what Dan DOES, he makes great art and his ranger covers are always striking! Vincenzo Riccardi embraces all the looks of Astronema masterfully. At first I thought it was too busy, but after taking a few minutes to look at it, you really appreciate the details!

Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness delves into more of the Phantom Rangers’ story, but out of both lists I did for 2021 cover, THIS one Ranger-Nation is a perfect score. All the variant covers kick ass!

Power Ranger Unlimited #1

Dan Mora does all six covers in various colors. (If you comb the internet, you’ll find ’em.) Miguel Mercado makes an ominous Psycho Red. In-Hyuk Lee gets in on this list at the end with the rainbow of color in the grid. While Derrick Chews Holo’s cover shows off the rainbow.

Again, these are my favorite covers of 2021! If there are any specific covers that you like, drop a comment below! We hope you had a great year following all these reviews and cant wait to keep bringing them into the new year!

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