Last week on Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, the girls found out Dr. Sullivan had been recording their session for a book. Faran and Henry break up cause he’s way into the cult. Also, Noa had her Bloody Rose Waters trial and was saved by Jen. Suspicious? I think so,

This week’s recap of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 206 is gonna go down a little differently. We had 2 major events happen, Redemption House and Pride. So, we’re gonna break this down as BR (before Redemption House) and AR (After Redemption House). Let’s dive in.

So, this episode picks up with Noa telling the girls what she had to do for Bloody Rose. Jen says she was on the way to the Friday the 13th movie marathon and saw Noa running through the woods. This means Jen has a one-up on Shawn because she’s not part of the inner circle. Noa having her trial means there are only two left: Imogen and Tabitha. So, they are going to do everything they can to survive and promise AGAIN not to take on Bloody Rose Waters on their own.

“Welcome to our nightmare”

Noa, Kelly, Tabitha, Faran, Mouse, Imogen – BR

Back at her apartment, Shawn is concerned about Noa’s feet. She lies and tells him that they’re covered in blisters from training. Noa then gives him the 2k she owed him for bailing out Jen – a fact he still doesn’t know about. After Shawn leaves, Jen jokingly proposes a thrupple to Noa. She is not into that. However, Noa confessed she does have feelings for her but can’t decide anything. She’s dealing with too much 

Kelly shows up at summer school to invite the classes to Redemption House. She explains it as a way to learn about bad choices, how to avoid them, and how to make up for them. We then learn that Redemption House is going to take place inside Imogen’s old home. Which is incredibly messed up.

Tabitha (Chandler Kinney) is concerned because Wes still hasn’t shown up to work. It’s way past time for him to still be upset about filming the movie in the theater and PITH.

At work, Greg mentions to Faran (Zaria) that she and Henry calling it quits. Faran confirms and takes this moment to quiz Gret about Redemption House. He explains it as a religious play/haunted house! I was right! It’s time to scare people straight.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 206

Mouse (Malia Pyles)and Ash have one of the most important storylines in this episode. Ash talks about how he thinks Redemption House is bullshit. He also wanted to throw a Pride Party but was denied. Yet, this garbage gets to happen. Ash compares it to a Hell House –  a place that’s an apocalyptic level of hate. They think they’re showing people/sinners how horrible they are, but they’re just spreading more hate. So, he and Mouse start brainstorming a protest.

Imogen (Bailee Madison) shares with Johnny about Redemption House using her house and how that makes her feel. She shares with him that horrific story about how she found her mother. She then goes into this incredible monologue about grief and how she wasn’t able to stop thinking about who was going to clean the bathroom. So, she went back to the house to clean everything.

It’s time, almost. Before the girls decide to go inside, Faran and Imogen show up to confront Kelly. How could she allow this to take place in Imogen’s home? Kelly used to be inner circle. She knows everything Imogen went through in there. They were hoping for some understandable answer, but in the end, she didn’t even try to stop it from happening. Kelly believes Redemption House isn’t about inflicting suffering but releasing people from it – a path to salvation. Kelly then gives them a speech about how they’re all living with trauma. She believes they’re living in hell and Redemption House is a way out. 

Then, as the girls are ready to enter Redemption House, Mrs. Langsberry (Chip’s mother) shows up. Of course, she yells at them calling them liars. She continues to blame them for Chip dying. In the end, they all realize there’s nothing they can do to ease her pain and decide to no longer take any of it personally.


In a surprising move from Greg, he talks to Kelly because he walked all the rooms and thinks it’s all fucked up. So, what could be so bad? Finally, it’s time to go inside. Inside Redemption House there are 5 rooms each designed for our Pretty Little Liars. Room 1 shows a girl on a computer re-enacting Mouse talking with her dad and the Devil in a chair watching. Room 2 is a drug den with people shooting up and possibly overdosing. This one is for Noa. Room 3, has a house party in it with girls getting drunk, possibly drugged, and being carried away by boys. Can you say, Imogen and Tabitha? Room 5 takes place in Imogen’s mother’s room. There we see Kelly laying on the bed as someone who tried to unalive themselves with the grim reaper behind them. 

At this point, Imogen loses it. She’s already on edge and on the verge of a mental break. The girls get her out of the room, but then she sees an axe. What does she do? “Not in my fucking house” and smashes the axe into the power box. However, that’s not all. We then see Pastor Malaki in the basement trying to figure out why the power is out. However, he’s not the only one down there and he runs into Bloody Rose Waters. Are they in cahoots? Absolutely not. She stabs him in the face!!!!! I guess that means we can cross him off our suspect list.

Where could this episode possibly go from here? We’re only halfway done!


Post Redemption House Mouse is filling in Ash about how awful Redemption House was. Ash discusses how it’s because of places like this that make trans kids hurt themselves. They’re not good for anyone. So, while they’re discussing their protest, Mouse has a better idea. They’re going to turn the protest sign-making gathering into an unofficial Pride Party. Who’s gonna stop them? They’re still prepping for the approved protest.

Tabitha goes to Christian’s to tell him about Chip’s mom and her saying that she and Imogen are liars beyond salvation. Christian comforts her and they watch a horror comedy to lighten the mood. The next day at the theater, Tabitha is still concerned they haven’t heard from Wes. So she and Christian decide to go check on him. However, when they get to his apartment they find his door unlocked and Wes nowhere to be found.

But, they do see that Wes has a bunch of knockoff monster masks. He’s also been lurking on Spooky Spaghetti. Now, this is where Christian becomes suspect to me. Why? Because starts pointing fingers. And you know what they say, Always remember that when you’re pointing your finger at someone, you’ve got three pointing back at yourself. In the end, Tabitha is over Wes’s bullshit and they head off to celebrate PRIDE with their friends.

Imogen goes to confront Kelly about everything in Redemption House. Kelly starts crying because she believes her father and Karen are in hell because they’re terrible people. She doesn’t want to follow in their fire and brimstone footsteps. Imogen is over it. What she has done is reprehensible. She’s over her crocodile tears and promises to make Kelly’s life hell.

Pride Pool Party

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 206

This Pride Pool Party is adorable! Everyone is dressed to celebrate. People are making protest signs. Johnny and Christian are becoming besties which I’m obsessed with. It couldn’t be going better. Greg tells Faran that he quit Redemption House and walked away from the church and Kellly. I’m so curious about where they’re going with this storyline. Are we getting a redemption arc for misogynistic Greg? Are he and Faran going to date? The whole thing is…interesting. That said, Greg then drops one of my favorite things Pretty Little Liars: Summer School has ever done. One of Greg’s reasons for leaving is because his cousin KEVIN in RIVERDALE is gay and he would never want to hurt him! I love it so much.

Noa is watching Jen flirt with another girl and getting jealous. She confesses to the girls that she and Jen were together in Juvy AND they hooked up again recently. No one is surprised which is hilarious. Then, Tabitha says something that continues to move Jen up my suspect list. She declares that they can cross Jen’s name off the suspect chart. No, Tabitha. This is exactly why she needs to stay there. Then, Noa decides she wants to break up with Shawn and be with Noa. This girl has not made one single good or smart choice this season. Which upsets me cause she was so savvy in season 1.

Then, Tabitha gets an idea – they could protest or they could use Christian’s creepy masks to turn themselves into “demons and monsters” to scare the crap out of them. This has to be the dumbest idea I’ve heard in a long time. What about people in demon masks wearing normal clothing is scary? They have devils and grim reapers in Redemption House. Whatever, at this point I’m along for the ride.

But before we go to Demon Protest, Noa is about to tell Jen how she feels when Shawn shows up. Apparently, their house got broken into and a couple of grand worth of stuff got stolen from his house. Of course, his mom blames Noa, but I think we all know who is actually to blame, and so does she. After Shawn leaves Noa straight up asks Jen if she robbed Shawn’s house. With zero hesitation Jen says yes. Then Noa has the most lackluster reaction to this information. She barely cares. She’s barely upset with her for doing it. Jen then flips it onto Noa gaslighting her and forcing her to talk about their relationship Jen believes they could still have. Noa asks for more time. Ma’am. MA’AM. What?! Anyway, onto protesting Redemption House.

Protesting Redemption House

All the boys are there for support and Christian is going to film the reaction of everyone screaming and running out of the house. This entire sequence is so silly that I love it. They even put masks on like the Avengers and then scare people. When the girls are done they all meet up in the basement, except for Imogen. Imogen has gone upstairs for Kelly, but to her surprise instead of Kelly she finds a rose with a note.

“Sometimes the final girl doesn’t get a warning call”

Bloody Rose Waters walks in, closes the door behind her, and attacks Imogen. While she is fighting for her life, Imogen starts ripping the bandages off the mask, revealing the face only to herself, and screams bloody murder. The girls hear her from the basement and come running upstairs. They find Imogen sitting on the edge of the bed and ask if she saw Bloody Rose Waters face. The answer? Yes. So, who is it? Who is Bloody Rose Waters? Imogen’s mother, Davie.

Now, I don’t believe this for multiple reasons. One, we the audience didn’t get to see the reveal to confirm this. Two, Imogen was in her mother’s room and we know she suffers from hallucinations and delusions. Chip’s mom kinda looks like Davie. There’s a lot of masks at play here. Maybe someone has a good enough one to look real like a spy movie. I’m not all in on this reveal. What about you?