Coming off its initial 4 episode, first season spin-off, The Movies That Made Us, in their famous retro-style announced today that it’s been picked up for SEASON 2!

Twitter post from courtesy of The Toys That Made Us

The Movies That Made US

For yours truly, I leapt for joy seeing this come across my feed today. If you remember, I did an interview with the Executive Producer Brian Volk-Weiss a few months ago which you can check out HERE. Without a doubt, TMTMU has done just as well as The Toys That Made Us, it makes sense that Netflix decided to renew it for another season.

movies that made us

What movies will they take a deep dive into? What movies would you want to see featured? Do you want to keep to the VHS era? Maybe do season 2 all about sequels? Let’s get the theory train going!

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