With the Rangers laying low trying to figure out the Empyreal’s next move, Power Rangers #7 good low-key issue to kind of run on autopilot. Still… you can also see the seeds and interconnectivity over the larger landscape. Here’s our take on the latest issue!

Some Big Balls

Does it seem there might be some sort of comradery growing? Drakkon is playing ball and is teamed up with Jason? As odd as it sounds I’m just glad Zack has a new best friend in Yale, the space cat! Drakkon is using his words to psych out Zack and it works to some extent until….

Zack realizes he could lose and plays a little dirty. All to the chagrin of Drakkon, he was even impressed with Zack’s quick thinking!

Power Rangers #7: Rangers on edge

Trini on the other hand is practicing as always. True to her nature, she won’t let her guard down and wonders why the boys aren’t on the defense constantly with Drakkon being around. The Red and Yellow rangers go on to have the making of a heart to heart but it was so awkward between them. Luckily XI calls them in time.

A lead on the World Killers

Xi was able to track down the next target of the Empyreals the planet of Hartunia. If that sounds familiar we just ran into some Harutians in the last issue of Mighty Morphin #7 in Zordon’s flashback. Trini ran some theories and said that the zords might be able to do some real damage. Zack even suggests trying to recruit a new Blue Omega Ranger. Drakkon interjects saying “Blue not his color.”

When the rangers descend to Hartunia they are already on edge, know from their briefing that the Hartunians are a kill first ask questions later type society. Zack trying to do the Humane thing and save some creatures from slaughter starts a good old fashion market fight.

With the Rangers detained luckily, they got to meet the misogynistic king. He is already well aware of the threat but believes in his military might vs actual world killers. He even shews off his wife, the Queen, because he knows best. As the Rangers were about to be locked up they are “saved” by the Magistrate that took them into custody and brings them to the Queen who asks for their help behind her husband’s back.

Power Rangers #7: Thoughts from the Morphin Grid

Like I said this is an easy read. and after the last several heavy issues from both series. This is perfect timing to take a 1 issue mental rest. Some great parts were the 2 huge morphing panels! The purple swirls around Zack with Jason’s fiery aura look awesome. Trini on the other hand needs some work. you really couldn’t see any effect that spoke EARTH power.

Dropping the Drakkon is the next Blue Ranger breadcrumbs is going to pay off quickly i think. Ill say its a Red Herring. Ill speculate and say it will be someone, from some planet they save or will save that becomes the New Blue Ranger. Personally i wouldn’t mind a new shade darker shade of blue to differentiate.

Covered from front to back

LOOK AT THAT DRAKKON COVER! This one will be HIGHLY sought after!

All 3 covers come with Virgin Variants as well. The Blank Cover this time is a Pale Cream color. You can find them in your Local Comic Shop. Then jump back in the comments and let us know what you thought about the issue!

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