Last week we talked about Midnight Sons. This week, we’re talking about another demonic supernatural property. That’s Blizzard Entertainment and an adaptation of their franchise: Diablo.

Blizzard has actively been trying to create a movie set in the Diablo universe for decades. Since the late 90’s they’ve been trying, and failing, to translate Diablo from a video game to a movie. The last attempt was in 2018 and it was an animated Netflix series. However, from what I’ve exclusively learned, Netflix and Blizzard could not come to terms in regards to profit sharing and the deal was dropped.

Details Are Scarce, But Diablo Is Coming

Courtesy of: Blizzard

I can exclusively share that a Live Action-CGI film is in development. It was set to begin filming this year but with the pandemic, things got pushed. Now the film has a first draft that is currently undergoing a re-write.

While I have no plot details to share at this time, it’s seeming like Blizzard is looking to release the film through its own distribution methods. They’re looking to distribute the film on their own launcher, and will also put the film on standard VOD channels; however, since their falling out with Netflix, I’ve heard that Blizzard is uninterested in working with Netflix again.

Expect an official announcement in the next year or so as Blizzard works to finalize talks with a director and begin the casting process. I’ve been told Blizzcon is a likely place for the announcement.

That’s all we have for today on a Diablo movie, what do you think of this?

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