Coming off the weblines of the super successful Spider-Man games and their new game announcement today. Insomniac doubles down with a NEW TITLE staring everyone’s favorite Canadian. Not Ryan Reynolds but Wolverine!

Wolverine’s Ready to Rumble BUB!

The trailer shows a post bar brawl in the famous PRINCESS BAR! So we are starting off with a huge nod to the Marvel Universe. There is next to nothing to tell about the story of the game, but the trailer has one more classic Wolverine reference!

A nod to Wolverine’s 1st appearance!

If you look on the back bar to the right on the screen you’ll see a license plate that says: HLK 181

That is a great nod to the first appearance of Wolverine!

In the coming months we will hopefully get a full story or idea of where this game is going. But I for one am very excited that Insomniac is handling this game. Their combat systems we’ve already seen from the webheads will seamlessly flow over to the Beserker Barrage style of fighting that Logan will bring to your home console in the future.

The only thing we do know is that it’s in very early development and it will take us through an emotional and suspenseful journey.

Is this the game that’s going to push you to get the PS5? Are you as stoked as we are? Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on our That Hashtag Show Facebook. THANKS BUB!