Hasbro has been releasing Power Rangers Beast Morphers toy news over the last few weeks. We’ve seen Beast Morphers roleplay accessories, and even the new action figures, but now it’s time for Hasbro to call the Zords!

Coming Fall 2019, the all new colossal assault vehicles will fit into two divisions. Three will have the ability to transform between vehicle and animal mode, while the two of them will be capable of doing a triple transformation from Animal, Vehicle, and Individual Robot modes. (High Stance/Battle Mode/ Warrior Mode)

The Dual changing Zords, when they hit stores, will retail between $25-$30, these Beast Morphers Zords are the Blue Gorilla Beast Wheeler, the Yellow Jackrabbit Chopper, and later, the Silver Scarab Jet. The Triple changers will range from $30-$35 retail and are the Red Cheetah Racer and the Beast Wrecker (Animal mode  name is TBA) 

Best X Megazord

By combining the three main Beast Morphers Zords together (Cheetah, Gorilla, and Jackrabbit) , fans can create the “Beast X” MegaZord. When you later are able to add the Jet and the Beast Wrecker, it can be built into the “Beast X” UltraZord. 

Now, if you have a younger fan and you want to ease them into the world of Power Rangers, Playskool announced the release of a Legendary Dragon Thunderzord. It comes with a 3-inch action figure, and a 14-inch Dragon Thunderzord toy. 

This toy has flapping wings, a roaring mouth, light-up eyes and tongue, and sound effects. If you add the 3-inch action figure to the back of the zord, it will trigger projectile launcher which will have the capable of firing by a push of a button. This toy will roughly go for $30 at most major toy retailers.