With the Heroes of the Grid game ever growing. We already know about some new expansions

Look like we will get Trent and the Evil White Clone
  • Ranger Allies Part 2
  • Dino Thunder
  • Rangers United

Rangers United looks like it will take the fight to outer space! Including the Omega Rangers, Darkonda, Kira the EVIL Blue Omega Ranger. Then back to earth with the Beast Morphers!

It’s so shiny!

Even better looks like we are getting the Solar Ranger! Ellarien, the first Solar Ranger from Boom Studios comics joins the tabletop fight! It’s unclear if we are going to get the rest of the Promethea Rangers OR could this lead into a whole new expansion down the line?!

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About Renegade Game Studios

Renegade Game Studios is a premier developer and publisher of original award-winning board games, including Overlight, Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, and The Fox in the Forest. Our mission is to publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique. We believe that gaming is for everybody and that everyone is a gamer; you just have to find the right games!

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