It’s Thanksgiving week, and Black Friday is nearly here. But if you want to jumpstart on Black Friday shopping, then here is an excellent item to start with. Thanks to McFarlane Toys and Critical Role, we have the following Limited Edition figure available now.

Figure Details And Images

Let us show you why they call him glorious! Our extravagantly detailed limited edition Shaun Gilmore 12” scale figure, created with our friends at McFarlane Toys, is made of durable high-quality PVC, and is sure to be the crown jewel in any Critter’s collection.

Gilmore is featured in his iconic gold trimmed purple robes, with a gilded unicorn on the back, the signature mascot of his prestigious shop Gilmore’s Glorious Goods. With a smile on his face, this suave gentleman bids a warm welcome to everyone who comes into his establishment. On the tops of his hands you see glowing sigils, indicative of the source of his magic as a “Runechild.”

Our Gilmore figure sits on a 7” woodgrain base featuring the Critical Role logo, and is beautifully showcased in themed packaging befitting Gilmore’s extravagance and magic. You won’t have to have connections like Vox Machina to get this deal of a lifetime.

Where To Purchase

So currently, this is only available in the US, UK, and AUS Critical Role shops. However, it will be available soon in the Canada shop.

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