It appears Crunchyroll has quite the lineup of anime ready for us next year. Are they worth checking out? Well, find out below.

Crunchyroll Gets Ready For The New Year!

"Spy x Family" cool art.
The most promising family on the anime scene.

Crunchyroll is showing off a pretty wide range of options for 2022 in terms of anime at Anime NYC 2021. The most notable thus far is the spy action-comedy Spy x Family. As a fan of the manga ever since it first made its debut in Shonen Jump, I can safely say that this is the anime I’m most eager for. That’s not all though. They also have a soccer anime, a ballet anime, several romcom anime, a pair of supernatural/fantasy anime, and even a thriller anime. Check them out below:

Crunchyroll 2022 Lineup:

Spy x Family:

"Spy x Family" family art.
Especially when said family take turns holding the Idiot Ball.

SPY x FAMILY follows the life of an undercover spy who unknowingly marries an assassin as he tries to further his mission of infiltrating an elite academy. He enrolls his adoptive daughter into the academy, not knowing that she is a telepath! The anime will stream on Crunchyroll in 2022. 


"Aoashi" key art.
Do we really need another sports anime?

This anime is based on the cutting edge soccer manga of the same name, following a young soccer ace as he takes his career to the next level.  Coming to Crunchyroll April 2022.

A Couple of Cuckoos:

"A Couple of Cuckoos" teaser art.
A spiritual successor to Nisekoi?

This chaotic romantic comedy follows two high school students who were mixed up at birth and find themselves in a pretend romance! Coming soon to Crunchyroll.

Dance Dance Danseur:

"Dance Dance Danseur" teaser art.
A show that proves that everyone can be a ballet dancer if they want.

The first anime adaptation from popular manga artist Asakura George follows the passionate adolescence of a group of ballet dancers. The upcoming series will be produced by MAPPA and directed by Sakai Munehisa.

The Dawn of the Witch:

"The Dawn of the Witch" seasonal art.
Hmm, a non-isekai anime. This could be promising.

This new anime follows a normal boy and his companions who set out to truly find themselves as they encounter the magical and extraordinary. Coming April 2022. 

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie:

"Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie" Twitter post art.
A romcom about flipped gender roles? This could be promising.

This romantic comedy follows sweet Shikimori who transforms into a heartthrob when her boyfriend is in trouble! Coming April 2022.

In/Spectre Season 2:

"In/Sprectre" season 2 key art.
Chuntaro, is that you?! Did you Evolve?!

This Crunchyroll Original series follows the supernatural romance of Kotoko and Kuro as they solve new mysteries. Coming 2022.

Tomodachi Game:

"Tomodachi Game" teaser art.
Such a peaceful-looking bit of art for a psychological thriller.

This series questions the nature of humanity when faced with the ultimate psychological game and is based on the popular comic series that has sold more than two million copies. Coming April 2022. 

Source: Crunchyroll News