Have you ever wondered who’s sexier: Sans from Undertale or Arataka Reigen from Mob Psycho 100? In fact, what sane being would even wonder about that? Well apparently, the insanity that is Tumblr has. And it seems, we have a winner here.

Sans Vs. Reigen: Sexy Fight!

Sans vs. Reigen Tumblr art by Tumblr Sexyman OTD.
I know who would win in an actual fight, but what do you do when the fight is about…sexiness?

To give you some background info about this bit of weirdness: the rather infamous social networking site Tumblr recently had a Sexy man tournament. Hosted by a Tumblr user aptly called sexymanOTD, this tournament pits characters from different media in a battle of sexiness. Or rather, a battle of unsexiness? According to Kotaku, the name of the tournament comes from the slang “Tumblr sexy man”, which refers to fictional characters that have a peculiar combination of a “beanpole physique” and a “theater’s kid’s bravado”. So a character who’s both thin as a scarecrow yet has the courage of a lion combined with the theatrics of Mettaton. Apparently, Tumblr users find this rather atypical combination of features to be incredibly sexy. So it was that Sans and Reigen found themselves in the most bizarre battle of their lives.

So who won in this clash of punny skeletal monster versus fake psychic detective? Well, the result may or may not surprise you, because Tumblr is now officially in agreement that Sans of Undertale fame is the winner. Squeaking by into the “Most Wanted Fictional Character” lead past Mob Psycho 100‘s Arataka Reigen by a mere 0.2% to boot, according to sexymanOTD themself on Twitter.

All it took was 1-2 people deciding that the punny skeleton was cuter.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) the results of this Sexyman tournament went viral. Tumblr users took to Twitter (you can find a list of Tweets on Comic Book) to express either their agreement or displeasure. Complete with memes and fanart mixed in. Check out some examples below:

Reigen: the memetic badass?
Meme of Sans beating Reigen, using "Thor: Ragnarok" as a template.
Are you saying that Sans has a “bone” to pick with Reigen?
Fanart of a defeated Reigen surrounded by his friends from Mob Psycho 100 as Sans walks away in the background by Kelly!.
Is anyone else hearing “Megalovania” fading away into the background? Fan artist: Kelly!.

You Deployed the Toby Fox!

Annoying Dog sprite from "Undertale".
Toby Fox absorbs the entirety of Tumblr.

That’s not all though. It seems that upon hearing of this result, Undertale developer Toby Fox himself took to Twitter to comment on the results. Specifically: by posting his very own fanfiction of how the “battle” between Sans and Reigen went down. Check out an image of the fanfic below:

Toby Fox's fanfic about Reigen being defeated by Sans, who's doing absolutely nothing.
This could easily be the plotline for an episode of Mob Psycho 100.

The fanfic gives us a very in-character look at how the tournament might’ve gone down. Sans and Reigen are both perfectly in-character, with Mob himself making an equally in-character appearance at the end. It’s pretty clear that Toby Fox is a fan of Mob Psycho 100 judging from this fanfic, in order to depict their personalities so accurately. In particular, Mob showing up at the very end to accidentally hand Reigen a defeat simply out of adorably pure goodness is just so…Mob. Tumblr may have a notorious reputation, but this shows that occasionally, they can spark some fascinating posts.

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