Last year, we got the release of The World Of Critical Role. And this year, we’ll see Vox Machina – Kith And Kin release next. This book, written by NYT best-selling author Marieke Nijkamp, is one book you don’t want to miss out on.

And if you are just hearing about this book, here is the official description:

Vex and Vax have always been outsiders. A harsh childhood in the elite elven city of Syngorn quickly taught them not to rely on others. Now, freed from the expectations of their exacting father and the scornful eyes of Syngorn’s elves, the cunning hunter and the conning thief have made their own way in the world of Exandria. 

The twins have traveled far and experienced great hardship. But with the help of Vex’s quick wit and Vax’s quicker dagger, they’ve always kept ahead of trouble. Now, unknown perils await them in the bustling city of Westruun, where the twins become entangled in a web spun by the thieves’ guild known to many as the Clasp. Trapped by a hasty deal, Vex and Vax (along with Vex’s faithful bear companion, Trinket) set out into the wilds to fulfill their debt to the infamous crime syndicate. 

As the situation grows more complicated than they ever could have imagined, for the first time Vex and Vax find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict that threatens the home they have carried with each other for years.

Between the story and every event that transpires in the book, Critical Role fans both new and old will find something to love in this release. But for fans discovering the show for the first time, this is the perfect starting point. And for me, getting to learn more about Vex and Vax in this book was an amazing experience and fun at the same time. This book really explores one of the many untold tales from Campaign 1.

But one of the more interesting things about the book is we also get to hear about locations we didn’t see in Campaign 1. We also get a few different flashbacks within the book. Those flashbacks take us into the twins’ younger years from a few different points In their lives.

Overall if you’re a new fan to CR or you’ve watched the show since the first episode of Campaign 1,

Critical Role: Vox Machina – Kith And Kin is the perfect way to learn more about everyone’s favorite twins from Campaign 1.

Vox Machina – Kith And Kin comes out on November 30th at your local book shop or at places like Amazon, Books-A-Million, and even Barnes and Noble.

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