Olivia Munn (X-men Apocalypse) tackles her best role to date in Justine Bateman’s Violet as a film executive who tells her inner saboteur to f*ck right off. 


I found Violet to be an incredibly relatable film. How many times have we listened to that nagging voice in the back of our head and stopped ourselves from doing something incredible? Whether it’s traveling the world solo or leaving our comforts and saying yes to a scary new job offer. What about asking out the person you’ve been crushing on for years because our inner saboteur says we shouldn’t.

While the artsy approach may turn some people off, (typically myself included), I loved it. I found the way the screen would turn red when Violet is about to hit her limit or hearing Violet’s inner saboteur (voiced by Justin Theroux), as well as, seeing Violet’s thoughts scribbled on the screen to be a fantastic way for the audience to feel just how overwhelming Violet’s anxiety is for her. The character can seem annoying and unwilling to listen. Especially when it comes to getting advice from her friend, played by Erica Ash. However, I found Violet to be similar to a lot of people I know struggling with life.

While, yes, the film does have a love story between Violet and her, obviously perfect for her best friend, Red (Luke Bracey). I found it to be mostly filler and a catalyst for Violet’s growth away from her garbage boss (Dennis Boutsikaris). Seeing her tell him off was incredibly satisfying. As well as, moving on from her abusive upbringing and overbearing brother (Todd Stashwick). 

While I found the ending of the film abrupt and unsatisfying, Violet, herself, is inspiring to watch. Seeing her make decisions against her inner demon, and finding the power, and confidence within herself. Finally, knowing what a badass she truly is. I hope others find inspiration to change their lives for the better, as well.

Violet is currently in theaters with a limited release and will be VOD on November 9th, 2021. Thanks so much for reading! Make sure to check out THS for all of your pop culture needs!