Huge and exciting plans are coming towards Universal Studios! Planning for their future, NBCUniversal is getting eight new soundstages. This expansion will take place over the next 5 years and help boost their film and television production. Company reps didn’t disclose the price tag, but they did mention they will invest $1 billion dollars for long-term growth.

Future location for the eight new soundstages by Barham Boulevard. Image: (© NBCUniversal)

What Will Be New?

The new eight soundstages for Universal Studios will be off of Barham Boulevard, which will bring a total of 37 soundstages for the lot. Bastien & Associates Inc will be designing the additions with eco-friendly rooftop solar panels. Which is huge!

The new locations will increase from 8 to 12 acres in order to house production basecamps. As well as, actor trailers, equipment, trucks, etc. for all their production needs. Also, replacing the current post-production facility, the lot will be getting a hybrid, new theater to use for sound mixing and post-production.

Michael Moore, President and General Manager of West Coast studio operations said the lot, will be “creating more acreage out of what was previously unusable land”. He also did say that “NBCUniversal is doubling down on its commitment to producing content in Los Angeles”.

The 11-story office building for creative businesses for the lot. Image: (© NBCUniversal)

What’s New Continued…

Construction already began in 2020 for the new Universal Studios expansion. Beginning with an 11-story office building and a total of 350,000 square feet off of Lankershim. This big of a space will house creative businesses that work at the studio and its set completion date will be 2023. Employees will get a brand new sit-down restaurant, theaters, and an event space. The new building will replace the existing commissary and former screening rooms.

The new employee center for their staff to have a work-life balance environment. Image: (© NBCUniversal)
The new theatrical sound mixing building is almost done. Image: (© NBCUniversal)


The studio lot expansion plans will also create more jobs and the ability to deliver their in-house film and TV content. Since we are in the streaming era, their competitors are Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+ for example.

As Universal’s consumers are in demand for wanting new entertainment. Moore did say that, unlike other independent studios that rent out space, Universal does it on their own.

“We’re investing in the experience of the users of this production and business community here on the campus.”

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Source: LA Times