Coming 2 America is finally here! You can catch the film on Amazon Prime Video and we here at THS highly recommend the film. Check out our review of the film and gauge your own opinion on the new comedy. Before anyone got to see the movie, the press gathered with the stars of the film: Eddie Murphy, Leslie Jones, Tracey Morgan, Wesley Snipes, Arsenio Hall, Kiki Layne, Teyana Taylor, and more all gave great answers to the press questions about the film.

Some of the highlights of those answers were pretty surprising. Chief among them was Eddie Murphy’s answer about a third film. He said that he already has a third film in mind that’s more focused on his daughters. After all, this film was focused on his son, it’s only fair to bring the spotlight to his daughters now. That’s all we really know about the third film, but based on the success of this one, it only makes sense.

Other Interesting Facts From The Junket

Outside of that huge tidbit, there were some others that stood out from the press event. Dave Chappelle was supposed to be in the film as the Witch Doctor, but had to drop out because scheduling. So Arsenio Hall had to add to his already large stable of characters in the film.

All the scenes with James Earl Jones were shot remotely. Remotely you ask? Well James Earl Jones isn’t able to travel a lot these days, so they had to shoot his scenes in New York and splice them in with the rest of the cast. So all the scenes that were shot, Eddie couldn’t be with him. It just goes to show the acting talent and coordination of all involved that those scenes worked out as well as they did. It looks seamless in the film.

Finally, Coming 2 America and Black Panther share a costume designer! It makes sense because both films have that “fictional African nation” thread. The costumes in this film are outstanding, just like the ones in Black Panther. If you haven’t seen the film or didn’t pay much attention to the costumes, shame on you, go watch it again.

Coming 2 America is out now on Amazon Prime Video! If you need a great laugh these days, it’s the best choice.

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