The First Omen is exactly as the title suggests. The film is the prequel to the original The Omen from 1976. In the original film, directed by Richard Donner, a wealthy American diplomat and his wife’s child were switched at birth with another baby. As the boy, Damian, grows older, mysterious and sinister events begin to occur around him, leading his parents to uncover a terrifying truth about his origins as well as his true identity as the Antichrist. The film follows their desperate attempts to stop Damian’s dark destiny from coming to fruition.


The First Omen is a prequel to the classic horror film The Omen (1976). The film explores the origins of the Anti-Christ, Damian, and delves into the events leading up to his birth and early life. So, at the beginning of the film, we meet Margaret (Nell Tiger Free). Margaret is a young American woman who is sent to Rome to embark on a life dedicated to serving the church. While there her entire world comes crumbling down as the truth about those she trusts, as well as herself, comes to light.

The First Omen has fantastic direction by Arkasha Stevenson as well as a standout performance by Nell Tiger Free. Please give both of them more horror movies STAT! The film is a gruesome and unsettling companion to Richard Donner’s original. Nell Tiger Free’s (Game of Thrones) spectacular performance takes the viewer on an impeccable journey. She owns every moment of screen time and shoulders the film with ease. The cinematography of The First Omen is a beautiful nod to the original film and 70s horror in general.

The biggest issue is that along with incredible 70s visuals, The First Omen also has 1970s horror pacing. The story is a very slow burn to its horrific, climactic ending. As we know from the original film, Damian was born from a jackal on the sixth day of June at six o’clock in the morning. During the final act, the film confirms this story and then some by being fearlessly daring and guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you are a horror fan, and even if you loved the original, The First Omen is worth your time. Go see it in a theater on April 5, 2024!