Netflix has concurred with the Holiday Romance movie – sorry, Hallmark. Now, with The Royal Treatment, they seem to be taking the same universe into your everyday rom-com.


The Royal Treatment tells the story of a girl named Izzy. Izzy is a no-nonsense girl who is never afraid to speak her mind. She runs her own salon in New York City with her closest girlfriends. One day, she gets an accidental call that changes her life forever. Izzy and her fellow stylists are offered the opportunity of a lifetime: to do the hair for the royal wedding of Lavania…which is located east of Aldovia. If Aldovia sounds familiar, it’s the fictional country from the Netflix Christmas series, A Christmas Prince.


The film stars Laura Marano (Austin and Alley) and Mena Massoud (Aladdin) as Izzy and Prince Thomas. I am a sucker for a good rom-com, and The Royal Treatment is right up my alley. The film has the great push and pull, “will they, won’t they?” that makes a rom-com fun to watch. Marano and Massoud have fantastic chemistry together, and their characters are interesting. Izzy is a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, girl with a heart of gold. Who wants nothing more than to make the best out of life and help others. Thomas is as sheltered as they come. His parents have arranged his marriage to a Texas Oil Tycoon’s daughter, and he doesn’t even know why. Izzy sparks life and joy into him and it’s great to watch.

I also enjoyed the side characters who bring comedy and the heart. Chelsie Preston Crayford and Grace Bentley-Tsibuah play Destiny and Lola, two other hilarious stylists from the salon who have to learn to lose the sparkle and do the royal look instead. Cameron Rhodes plays Walter, Thomas’s butler. Without him, Thomas wouldn’t realize his love for Izzy and he shares his own personal story of love and loss with his partner. 


There’s no real villain in the story. It honestly feels along the lines of The Sound of Music’s Baroness vs Maria. Lauren (Phoenix Connolly), the daughter of the Oil Tycoon, has her own dreams and aspirations. She was also just going with things out of duty. Izzy and Thomas are just a better match. A love match. 

The Royal Treatment comes to Netflix on January 20, 2022! Stay Tuned to That Hashtag Show for more reviews