Anime Expo Lite 2021 has an impressive array of exhibitors for us, and eigoMANGA just added themselves to that list.

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English Language Manga, I get it.

eigoMANGA is proud to announce their participation in this year’s virtual Anime Expo Lite 2021. Specifically, they will host a pair of virtual panels that will showcase their latest production of comics, animation, games, and mobile apps. You can watch both panels on-demand from July 5 to July 16, 2021. Interested? Then check out the Expo then.

eigoMANGA Panels: Details

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Now the place to find Amerimanga.

The first eigoMANGA panel will be “De’Aaron Fox: NBA Star and Anime Fan”. De’Aaron is the NBA point guard for the Sacramento Kings: De’Aaron Fox, and is a massive anime fan. Apparently, Dragon Ball Z is his favorite anime, and Vegeta is his favorite character. The company’s creative team will discuss De’Aaron’s anime and manga fandom, and how it intertwines with his basketball career. As mentioned before, this whole panel will be available from July 5 to July 16, 2021 to watch on-demand. If you signed on for Anime Expo Lite 2021, you have plenty of time to watch De’Aaron Fox do his thing.

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The second and final of the panels is “eigoMANGA’s How to Draw Manga”. As the name suggests, eigoMANGA creators will hold this workshop to teach the basics of drawing manga. Yes, now you too can learn to draw your own manga-style comics. Or possibly draw the manga for a good writer. It’d be up to you at that point, but drawing skills is a good start for anything. As mentioned before, this panel too will be available from July 5 to July 16, 2021 to watch on-demand.

Random manga girl drawing.
A good start can get you a long way.

Finally, eigoMANGA also wants to take the opportunity to announce that they acquired the rights to adapt and publish Oldman by Taiwanese comic book creator Chang Seng. This award-winning and internationally acclaimed dark fantasy manga will finally be available in English for us to enjoy in a series of graphic novels. Oldman Part 1 will be available on November 8, 2021. You can find it on sites like Barnes & Noble.

Oldman Part 1 cover.
Chain mail is clearly the new fashion choice.


eigoManga are joining in on Anime Expo Lite 2021. They have a pair of new panels for us. This includes a panel with De’Aaron Fox, and a workshop teaching young artists how to draw manga. Interested in either anime or manga? Check them out then.

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