Well, it appears that Disney is actually bowing to fan pressure in regards to their ‘Ohana noodles. Or maybe that was the plan all along?

The noodles are strong with this one.

A few days ago, Disney announced that ‘Ohana would be reopening at Disney World on July 9, 2021. They even showed us their new menu for this grand reopening. However, virtually every Disney fan noticed that the signature stir-fried noodles dish was distinctly missing in action. There was much complaint and lamentations on social media.

However, just now on June 11, 2021; Disney suddenly announced that they were changing their minds about the noodles, and that they will return to ‘Ohana for the grand reopening. They even confirmed the news on TikTok, with the noodles featured as one of the dishes alongside others like roast chicken, teriyaki beef, etc.. Note that the online menu for ‘Ohana still does not list the noodles though, so we have no idea what their new price would be. We’ll just have to wait a bit later for that.

‘Ohana Noodles: Disney’s Plan All Along?

The return of the 'Ohana noodles.
Chow mein is the best mein.

Disney’s response to the whole ‘Ohana noodles debacle has been very interesting. You can interpret the return of the noodles as Disney caving in to fan demands for one of their most beloved dishes after an unexplained and nonsensical removal. However, you can also interpret the whole thing as a marketing scheme.

See, it’s entirely possible that Disney knew that the removal of the noodles at ‘Ohana would generate massive amount of protest. However, that protest from fans also means that that they’re raising massive amounts of interest in the whole thing. By waiting until the whole thing had reached a crescendo before announcing the return of the noodles, Disney ensured that they basically got free hype for ‘Ohana’s reopening out of the whole ordeal. This is just pure speculation though. You’re free to take it with as many grains of salt as you like.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse pepper and salt shakers.
Now in adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse-shaped shakers.


Huzzah, Disney is bringing back the noodles at ‘Ohana after days of no noodles! It may have been what they wanted to do all along, but that may not matter. Now when the restaurant reopens at Disney World on July 9, 2021; you can enjoy your favorite stir-fried noodles as much as you want.

Source: TikTok