On March 12th, Disneyland closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic and has been closed since. The prolonged closure has deeply hurt both Disney and the cities that rely on the tourism industry that the parks bring in. On May 11th Disney announced they would begin a phased reopening of Disney Springs but no word was given about the rest of the parks and areas. Now Disney has officially announced its plans to reopen its parks in California. This means that you might finally get to ride Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland.

Disneyland reopening dates

According to Disney’s calendar, the first area to reopening will be Downtown Disney on Thursday, July 9th. This makes sense given the continued easing of restrictions on small businesses. A week later on Friday, July 17th California’s Disneyland Park and California Adventure will open. Another week later on Thursday, July 23rd that Disney’s Grand California Hotel and Spa and Disney Paradise Hotel will reopen. There is no word yet on when Disneyworld in Floria will reopen.


Disneyland has laid out how they plan to enforce the state’s social distancing rules inside the parks and hotels. Area’s like Downtown Disney will reopen with the same social distancing guidelines as small-time businesses. Parks however will have to take more dramatic steps. Parks will enforce a limited capacity on guests via a new theme park reservation system. One that will require all guests, including Annual Passholders, to obtain a reservation for park entry in advance. Theme park reservations thus will be subject to availability. Events that result in large gathering such as paradise and fireworks will be put on hold until further notice. Additionally like with business masks will be required to be work inside the park at all times.

Please note all guidelines currently in place are subject to change pending approval by the state of California. Check out Disneyland.com for more information.