You’d think changing a menu item at a major Disney World restaurant like ‘Ohana would be a small thing, right? Well, not so for the fans.

'Ohana's stir fried noodles, now gone.
For want of a dish…

Earlier this evening on June 8, 2021; Disney World announced that they would be reopening their ‘Ohana Polynesian-style restaurant on July 9, 2021. They even showed off their new menu for their grand reopening. News like this should be good news for all you foodies out there, right? Well, there was a bit of a dark side to their announcement, unfortunately. The menu showed a bunch of different options, but some are noticeably missing. A close look at the menu showed that their signature stir fried noodles dish was nowhere to be found on the new menu. Apparently, the outrage over this from fans is real, according to Blog Mickey.

‘Ohana: Give Us Noodles or Give Us Death!

'Ohana's front.
Soon to be a social media battlefield?

The news of no noodles at ‘Ohana is causing outrage of epic proportions among Disney fans. That delectable variation of the classic Chinese chow mein dish was a very popular menu item, and the fact that the dish wasn’t present in the revised menu was just too big an issue to ignore. Fans are taking to social media like Twitter in droves to complain about this.

'Ohana's lack of noodles getting many, many Tweets.
7,724 Tweets and counting so far. It’s like watching a volcano slowly build itself up to an eruption.
We regret our loss at ‘Ohana.
Noodles are the most important part of any complete meal.

Yeah, if this keeps up, there will be a social media storm of epic proportions by Disney fans. All because of a lack of delicious noodles at ‘Ohana. Never doubt the power of the noodle.


‘Ohana will reopen in Disney World on July 9, 2021. However, there will be no stir fried noodles when it does reopen. Some people are a bit upset about this. They are telling other people just how upset they are on social media. Let’s see just how big this storm will get before Disney, hopefully, brings us our delicious noodles back.

Source: Blog Mickey