With the past several issues of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there has been a lead-up, and with the preview covers, we can only guess what is coming in this issue!

This Is The Beginning Of A Love/Hate Relationship

This is a huge scene to open up with! The “tension” comes in two forms. What’s great is the fact that we see a variation on Rita and Zedd’s designs from several millennia ago, establishing how far back their story goes.

Dissension In The Ranger Ranks

With the stakes so high our rangers are starting to show their frustration with the situation:

  • Matt’s still missing
  • Who the heck is this vessel guy
  • Zedd is here on Earth
  • Alpha-1
  • OF COURSE Mistress Vile
  • Oh and Grace knows about Master Arches

Zordon and Grace are even getting sharp with their words. This dynamic in the Command Center is rife with tension! Tommy and the rest of the rangers leave. Grace and Zordon have a bit of a heart-to-heart. Zordon is worried he’s going to lose the team that he’s come to care for while Grace for once is the voice of reason.

Hart to Heart to Heart

Trini and Kimberly finally get some time to reconnect. It’s great to see what friendship in its truest form is. No matter the miles or in this case lightyears no time passes. It just goes to be “there” no matter where “there”

Speaking of which Tommy goes and visits Jason at home with his father. Tommy just needed a sounding board and who better than Jason to give him that perspective? Jason has seen so much in his rangers tenure and getting advice from someone outside can be best.

Alpha-1 and Ulterior Motives

As Kim and Trini are chatting Alpha-1 with an army of Putties in tow descends on to Safehaven. A huge battle ensues, and this time Alpha-1 can’t integrate with the zords! Earth and Omega Rangers just go to town on the invaders. After it’s over Trini implies she has an idea about Alpha-1’s adaptability programming.

We go back to the Promethea seeing that somehow Grace also has an Ancient Morphin Grid Navigator and plans on using it. sounds like she might have found one of the arches on Earth that were established back in the Power Rangers Universe series.

Lastly, there’s Zedd… HE DID THE THING!

Thoughts From THE GRID

WOW1 juggling so much again Melissa Flores hits it out of the park! With so many plates spinning and emotions spinning out of control! This is a natural evolution of Power Rangers, seeing that they aren’t just happy-go-lucky teens. They have feelings and emotions and the same hormonal imbalances we all had!

The artwork is stunning. It conveys the whole range of the emotional spectrum! Panel by Panel is crafted, so it’s not JUST words and pictures. It’s so much more.

Lastly, if I haven’t given you a full review, there is a HUGE spoiler at the end of the book, and I can’t in good conscience ruin it for you. You must go and support our Local Comic Shop and get this amazing book! These 22 pages are the top of the hill to the rollercoaster that we have been building up to.

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