Ever since the Disney theme parks have reopened safely; Disney has implemented two uses of theme park technology. The Disney Park reservation system and virtual queuing. During the JP Morgan Global Technology Conference, Disney CEO, Bob Chapek elaborated more on those two pieces of technology even post-pandemic.

Disney Parks
Source: (@ Walt Disney World)

The introduction of the virtual queue for Disney attractions was when Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened up in 2019. Chapek did reiterate during the recent company’s earnings call for the parks reservation system to help out demand and ticket pricing. Select attractions currently are using the virtual queue, (for the time being) like Indiana Jones at Disneyland.

Also Disney sees value for the reservation system to be long term and going to be hanging around for awhile. Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro did said last summer for the technology as he said “it’s here to stay”.

For those who are fellow readers for Disney Parks, Walt Disney World extended their reservation system calendars into January 2023. As more people eagerly travel, this doesn’t come as a surprise that Disney is moving ahead and progressing with these new changes.

What are your thoughts for the theme park tech staying around? Does it make more easier for you guys or no? Leave it down in the comments section below!

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