It’s almost time to “suit up” and plan ahead for your next mission on June 4th. As a new recruits head towards the Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, you must to know your way around in this 6-acre expansion. Your fellow allies in Iron Man, Black Panther, and Black Widow will help guide you and know where enemies are at. You’ll be either hanging out with a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for the “WEB Slingers” attraction, grabbing a scientific food experiment, or training to become the next Super Hero.

Check out an overview of the map and where you want to explore around the campus!

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One More Final Thing

For those who want to do the Spider-Man attraction, there’s another piece of news that needs to be addressed. The queue for the ride is similar to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. There will be a virtual queue that rolls out daily at 7 am and Noon. You need the Disneyland app in order to access the virtual queue.


Even though you cannot get a queue spot twice the same day for a virtual queue even for Spidey but, there is a way around it. An update from MouseInfo explains how to get two attractions under the same virtual queue system:

“In order to obtain a Virtual Queue boarding group for the second attraction, you must have REDEEMED your existing boarding group for the first attraction. That means you will have had to already redeem your ‘WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure’ Virtual Queue boarding group reservation before 12pm in order to have a shot at collecting one for ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ and vice versa.”

Source: MouseInfo

Disneyland’s park hopping policy can be done after 1pm for either parks. Do bare in mind that Indy Jones is under a “virtual queue test” and has only one virtual queue slot during park opening. So you can try for a spot on Indy if you’re successful getting a boarding group on Rise of the Resistance.

Hopefully this shares some clarification for the Avengers Campus opening up real soon.

For those who want to read a full version of the guide map can download it here!

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