Disney (specifically new CEO Bob Iger) has just announced a trio of sequels in the works: Zootopia 2, Frozen 3, and Toy Story 5. Personally speaking, I’m excited for all of them. However, some of them might be better ideas for sequel than others, in my opinion. Which ones, you might ask? Well, let’s take a look at them in order, starting with:

Zootopia 2

'Zootopia' key art from IMDb.
Something we’ve been waiting for for a very, very long time.

Personally, not only am I the most excited for a sequel to Zootopia at long last, but it also makes the most sense. Why? Well, think about it: Zootopia left a lot of loose ends hanging. For one thing, we never got a conclusive view of Judy and Nick’s relationship. Yes, Nick became the first fox police office in history, but I’m talking about all the romantic subtext between him and Judy. In fact, the subtext was so obvious that it might as well have been supertext. I would very much like to see this sequel actually have Judy and Nick start dating. It could be either the climax of the sequel, or even the perfect ending to it. Whatever the case, some sort of resolution to their relationship would just make perfect sense for this sequel.

Judy and Nick’s relationship isn’t the only reason why a Zootopia 2 makes sense though. The racism against carnivores by herbivores never really got a resolution in the first film. Granted, I don’t think racism ever has a proper resolution, but it’d be nice to see something more done about that in the sequel. Heck, that panther taxi driver (Renato Manchas) himself never got a proper resolution to his being drugged. The last we saw was him and the other “savage” carnivores being moved from that asylum to a proper hospital, and that was it. It’d be nice if we saw him again in the sequel, just to see how he was doing,. So all in all, Zootopia 2 seems like a great idea, but that’s just my opinion on the matter.

Frozen 3

'Frozen 2' key art from IMDb.
Looks like we have ourselves an impending trilogy here.

Frozen 3 was not a sequel I expected to happen. Looking at it in hindsight now though, it does actually make sense. Especially when you look at what happened in the last film. Is it just me, or did anyone else find Elsa’s decision to just abdicate the throne of Arendelle to Anna to be a bit…sudden? Unexpected? Perhaps even a little dickish? I mean, Anna never expected to rule Arendelle, so Elsa just shoving all the duties of being a queen onto Anna to go frolic in the enchanted woods seems like a poorly thought-out action. Maybe the sequel might address that? With Anna floundering a bit due to overwork and lack of experience, and thus has to convince Elsa to return to co-rule with her? Well, one can hope.

There’s also another loose end from Frozen 2 that badly needs expanding on in this sequel. Namley: Anna and Kristoff’s relationship, or rather, their lack of one. For some reason, it’s like the writers basically forgot to give Kristoff a role in Frozen 2. The whole film was basically about Elsa and Anna. So it created this weird situation where it looks like their marriage at the end of the film came out of nowhere. Thus, those two reasons are why Frozen 3 is also a great idea.

Toy Story 5

'Toy Story 4' key art from IMDb.
Woody’s raised eyebrow perfectly illustrates my reaction to this sequel.

I’ll be honest, Toy Story 5 is where I have the most doubts. Why? Well, mostly because I can’t see any way to continue the story from Toy Story 4. Think about it: Toy Story 4 basically concludes Woody’s story arc once and for all. He just goes off to live in the wild with Bo Peep and the other lost toys after realizing that his mission to look after Andy is basically over, and that he can now live his own life however he pleased. Because of this, I honestly can’t see Woody playing a major role in this sequel.

However, this doesn’t mean that a sequel is impossible. We could very well see a reversal of Toy Story 4, where Buzz Lightyear effectively got downgraded to a side character. This time though, it might be Woody who’s the side character in Toy Story 5, with Buzz Lightyear being the star of the show. How? Well, I don’t know. That all depends on the Pixar writers and how they choose to continue the story. All I know is that it makes a lot more sense to continue the story with Buzz Lightyear than it does to continue the story with Sheriff Woody. It might even go some ways to repair Buzz Lightyear’s reputation after that somewhat mediocre Lightyear film. So my opinion? Likely bad idea that may have the potential to be a decent one.

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