This week’s Superman and Lois continues to excel at one of its best traits so far. I feel like so much happened with each and every character it’s almost too much to cover. I know I’ll leave half the stuff out because every character advanced their story arc in some fashion. Things just seem to be spinning out of control.

The kids continue their teenage melodrama, but this week it seemed more subdued. Jordan and Sarah get their date at last, but nothing really comes of it. Sure Jonathan may have messed up the original kiss moment, but they didn’t follow up the chance later.

The big story for the kids this week was Jonathan. Week after week he showed the emotional strength of the two, but after his girlfriend dumps him he breaks. He really does get the shaft more than anyone else through these first five episodes. I liked seeing Jordan step up a bit to support his brother.

Clark lets Jonathan’s “episode” off much easier than Lois may want, but Clark also knows Jonathan’s pains. Jonathan’s apology seemed a bit fast and too easy for a teenager, but in the end it worked thanks to Clark.

Out of Control – The Prodigal Ghost

We found out last week the source of the new metahumans. Edge has a new form of Kryptonite and people disappear from Smallville. Every one we have seen so far either had partial super powers or powers they could not control. When the missing son from last episode returns it wreaks of a Morgan Edge set up, but we quickly find out he’s a meta. Not only that but he cannot control his powers.

Leslie shows up with a kiss and places him in the transformation tube. He now seems to have the full power of Superman. Of course Superman still bests him, but it’s what he says next that’s shocking – I’m already dead. Are the metas being resurrected from the dead? He obviously had issues controlling his powers, but why did he commit suicide?! Every meta-answer seems to only spawn more questions.

Out of Control – Those Damned Endings!

I really like how these shows are nice, complete stories even though they tell a larger picture. Then we arrive at the end and they seem to find ways to shock us and wonder what the hell is going on. We get a nice, emotional dedication for Martha, and then they have to add a bit more.

Luthor shows up for short periods in the show so far, but he hasn’t factored into the events too much yet. We get a glimpse into his disastrous world and keep going. This week we find out LUTHOR is the one married to Lois Lane! That now explains his affinity for Lois’ father besides being fellow soldiers.

If THAT wasn’t enough guess who returns and begins punching the crap out of Jordan – TAG! I guess Tag escaped his ‘training school’ and is now determined to take out his frustrations on the person he blames for cursing him with powers. I made the comment last week about him being at Xavier’s School for the gifted. Of course that cannot be true, but did anyone else notice his jumpsuit did look like it had a yellow X across the body?

Showrunners have an amazing knack with these endings.

Out of Control – Beginning to Make Sense

This weird alternate reality thing has been confusing me. Superman and Lois exists in the CW Arrowverse timeline, but the Crisis event destroyed all the other realities, so how can there be a black Luthor?

If you watched episode 3 of The Flash last week, we seem to have our answer. In last week’s episode, they explained how Harrison Wells could die yet be reborn in the same instant. When the multiverse reintegrated into a single universe now, it took fragments from the many Earths and shoved them into one existence.

This Luthor was forced into this Earth timeline by the events in Crisis, but since Supergirl has their own Lex Luthor that is white and existing in the same timeline, this Luthor cannot be a Lex Luthor. He must be some other member of the Luthor family from somewhere else. More exact answers will need to be explained later in the show.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? I’m sure I missed lots of story points, but there were just so many. Head over to DC Fanatics on Facebook and tell us what stood out to you.