As a Star Wars fan and watch collector myself, I got very excited to learn that a new Death Star watch would be arriving soon. Not unsurprisingly the Death Star lends itself very well to watch design, but perhaps a little too well. There’s only so much you can do with the space station’s round design. So just what were the watch makers going to do with the new ‘Death Star Tourbillon?’ A lot, apparently. So much so that this particular Star Wars watch costs more than a house.


Star Wars Watch
Image: Kross Studios

Kross Studios brings us the Star Wars x Ultimate Collector Set. Included is, of course, the Star Wars watch itself. The set, however, contains much, much more. In fact, the whole things comes in a roughly three foot (1.2 meter) replica kyber crystal container. If that seems extraordinarily large for a watch case, that’s because it comes with *actual* kyber crystals too. Oh, and did we mention that Kross is only making ten (10) of these glorious sets? Naturally something of such limited edition is going to set you back some credits. As amazing as this watch is, sadly it will more than break most of our budgets. If you want to get your hands on one, be prepared to take out a mortgage.

New Star Wars watch costs more than a house

Star Wars Watch
Even the back is impressive… most impressive. (Image: Kross Studios)

Despite its hefty price tag, Kross Studios expects the Death Star timepiece to sell out by the end of today’s release day. If you want to be one of the luck few you’re going to have to shell out… are you ready? One hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Yes, you read that right. This Star Wars watch collector’s set costs $150,000. So what do you get for the cost of a modest home? Well, there’s the watch itself, certainly. That in and of itself is a truly extraordinary timepiece. At its center is the Death Star’s dome forming the tourbillon cage. According to GQ, the milling process to make the tiny replica required over 408 individual, mechanical operations. The end result is spectacular.

Kyber Crystal; Star Wars
Image: Kross Studios

And then there’s the rest. Why the meter-long kyber crystal case? Because the collector’s edition Star Wars watch also comes with screen-used kyber crystals from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Not only do you get a unique timepiece, you also get a piece of franchise history. All in all the container holds nine, separate capsules. One contains the watch, one the kyber crystals, and another additional watch straps. The remaining, empty capsules are said to be big enough to even hold bottles of wine.

All in all it’s the perfect set if you want to steal kyber from a Jedi temple, sip some wine, and tick the minutes away on your new Star Wars watch. Unfortunately you’re going to need Emperor Palpatine’s budget to do it.

Source: GQ