The next story in Marvel’s Spider-Man “The City That Never Sleeps” DLC is entitled Turf Wars. In this next DLC, Spider-Man is going to be taking on Hammerhead and his mob.

Now in comics lure, Hammerhead showed up in the 70’s during the run of The Amazing Spider-Man. In the game, the organized crime boss is going to be trying to bring back the mob’s glory years. And he’s going to try to do that with the dangerous equipment that was left behind from Sable International, which was during the occupation of Marvel’s New York.

Along with taking down Hammerhead, 3 brand-new suits are getting introduced as well.

The new suits are the Spider-Armor MK1 suit. There is also a new version of the Iron-Spider suit, and we are getting the Spider-Clan suit, which takes inspiration from the Marvel Mangaverse comics.

And famous Marvel illustrator and suit designer, Adi Granov, designed a piece of art showcasing Spider-Man’s fight with Hammerhead:

Source: Comic Book Movie