I have been a fan of Toni Collette’s since back in her Connie and Carla days. After doing so many horror films, and drama television shows, people forget that she is a phenomenal comedic actress. People got a chance to see a smidge of it during Knives Out. But, it’s been so long since she’s really been allowed to spread her wings this big and show everyone what she’s got. Mafia Mamma allows just that.

In the film, Toni Collette (Hereditary) plays a housewife, Kristin, who is meek and has lost her confidence, as well as her mojo. Every sad housewife trope happens to her. She’s not respected at her job. Her husband is having an affair – that she hilariously walks in on. On top of that, she just sent her son off to college. Everything is not coming up Kristin’s. That is until she gets a phone call.

It turns out that Kristin is an heiress to a Mafia family. Her grandfather has passed away and decided to leave everything to her. What is she to do? Go home to her sad life, or embrace what she could possibly become?


I won’t lie. It took me a moment to truly settle into Mafia Mamma. It’s been a while since we’ve had truly over-the-top campy comedy in a film like this. Paired with the ridiculous scenarios, and the obvious tropes I wasn’t sure how I felt until about halfway through. 

The comedy comes from great fish-out-of-water moments. The frustration from the family is exactly what the audience is feeling, but we get to laugh with her. There’s also a lot of accidental comedy that Collette excels at. 

I loved Kristine’s relationship with General Bianca (Monica Bellucci). Through her strength, friendship, and honesty they were able to build a great friendship, and an even better empire. 


Watching Kristen become a badass bitch over the course of a few months in Mafia Mamma, while also doing a lot of good, was refreshing. I love that she didn’t throw away who she truly was at her core, and found the love and strength within herself. Her journey is relatable to everyone. 

The final moment of realizing her biggest downfall was still looking for validation through a man is a message that a lot of people need to hear. We are amazing on our own. We don’t need to find our worth in someone else. We are more than enough. 

Mafia Mamma hits theaters on Friday, April 14th, 2023! Enjoy the ride!