The Violent Vol. 1: Story Synopsis

Mason was just released from prison and was trying to start a new life with his wife and daughter in The Violent Vol. 1.

Being an ex-con can really make your career options limited.  However, Mason’s best friend, Dylan, had his back and vouched for him.  The two friends worked as movers and made an honest living.

Becky was Mason’s wife and the mother of their child, Kaitlyn.  She worked at night and cleaned an office building. One night when Becky was going into work she ran into her and Mason’s drug dealer.  He offered her some free drugs and his phone number if she wanted more. Becky cussed him out and said she would never go back to that life. After she entered the building the drug dealer slid the drugs under the door.

That day was payday, but Becky’s paycheck was way short of what it was supposed to be.  Becky wouldn’t be able to pay that months rent and she was freaking out. She pulled out the drugs and did them.  Becky disappeared that night.

Mason was pulled into the police station and asked if he knew where she was.  He was then shown a picture of their former drug dealer and asked if he knew who this man was.  At this moment Mason knew the drug dealer had done something to Becky.

As soon as Mason left the police station he called Dylan and payed a visit to the dealer.  Things went south and the dealer ended up dead. Mason and Dylan had to find a way to cover up an accidental murder.  However, this became more difficult and complicated as time went on.

The Violent

The Violent: Noir Is My Thing

The Violent Vol. 1 was written by Ed Brisson with art by Adam Gorham and Michael Garland.  Image Comics published the book in 2016.

Noir comics are my jam and I especially love crime noir.  I also love when a character gets in over their head and tries to dig their way out only to fall deeper.  This comic is right up my alley and I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I like it more when the protagonist is a good person who has made mistakes. However, Mason starts like that but becomes a worse and worse person.

Mason Went Crazy A Little Too Quick in The Violent Vol. 1

As the comic continues Mason starts to become more deranged, but it isn’t really very gradual.  I wanted to see why he had a sudden shift and it isn’t really explained. Mason could have had a history of mental illness and because of these events he stopped or could no long afford his medication.  This would have explained all his actions in this comic, but it was just a sudden shift. I found myself asking why he was making these particular actions as solutions. If the story gave a little more reason behind his actions it would have vastly improved it for me.

Apart from Mason the characters were done very well.  Becky is very relatable as a mother and wife. Her actions make sense and her fears are very realistic.  Dylan seems like a very good friend and has very human reaction to the events of the comic.

Story A Little Too Realistic For My Hopeful Mind

The story is pretty messed up and gets very violent hence the title.  This is not a story that makes me feel good inside. It isn’t a knock on the comic, but I always love to see things working out for people.  This isn’t the same as a happy ending. I actually hate happy endings in this kind of story. The bad deeds need to be punished, but I want there to be hope for the future.  However, the future is very bleak for these characters. In that way it is more realistic but I’m a romantic at heart and want happiness for the characters.

I liked this comic, but it will leave you in a sad state of mind and may ruin your day.  The story seemed to be ripped from the headlines and made it relatable.  However, it was just missing that little bit extra to make it a great comic.



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