As someone who is a huge fan of Downton Abbey, any time I can go back to one of my favorite worlds and visit all the characters I love is a plus for me. And Downton Abbey: A New Era does just that.

In the new film, we see our favorite characters split up in order to tell two stories. Some are having a crisis of self, others are entertaining a film crew who are using Downton as the backdrop for their new silent film.

Similar to the first film, the story feels like a possible season arc put into a 2-hour film. It doesn’t shake the world of the beloved characters, but I don’t care. What it does do is allow the viewer, the fans, to reconnect with their favorite characters and the world again. 


Fans of the Julian Fellowes series are always happy to visit the Crawley’s and see what drama they’re up to now. The film moves the story alone, while never feeling stagnant. The costumes are incredible. The actors fall right into the characters like they haven’t skipped a beat.

I love that some characters were brought more to the forefront than ever before. While others were given little to do, they were not forgotten. Even the formerly evil Barrow gets the love interest that he’s actually deserved for some time now. 

When it comes to the enjoyment of the film, it really depends on who your favorite characters are. We see half the family head to the south of France in order to unravel the mystery of why Lady Violet would be left such an extravagant property by a man she spent weeks with. 

Back at Downton, Lady Mary is dealing with a film crew, a rude leading lady (Laura Haddock), a dashing leading actor (Dominic West), and an all too charming director (Hugh Dancy). The addition of all of the new characters adds some freshness and chaos to the dramatic world we already know and love. 

If you’re already a fan of Downton Abbey do yourself a favor and go spend an evening with the Crowley’s. If you’re not, stop what you’re doing and go watch the show. You won’t regret it. 

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