It appears that Dragon Ball still has a lot of fans, with Dragon Ball Super still being pretty popular. I guess that’s why people are debating which battle is the greatest in this upcoming Battle of the Battles event. They’ve even prepared a special promotional video for you guys.

So much screaming.

Toei Animation and Funimation are proud to present Dragon Ball Super: Battle of the Battles. Apparently, this whole fan event is based off of a question asked to fans back in December 2020, asking them to name which fight in Dragon Ball Super was the greatest. On Saturday, March 27, 2021; they’ll answer all of those questions by showing which fight won the fight.

Dragon Ball: Battle of the Battles will be simulcast on Toei Animation’s Twitch channel, and on Funimation’s YouTube channel. The simulcast will start at 5 P.M. (PT), or 8 P.M. if you live in the East Coast. The whole event will run for an hour, so you have plenty of time to log in.

Dragon Ball Super: My Saiyan is Fight!

Dragon Ball Super cover art.
All you need is fight.

Dragon Ball Super: Battle of the the Battles is, for many reasons, mainly about the battles. However, there is a bit more to it than that. Justin Rojas from Toei and Lauren Moore from Funimation will be co-hosting the event, with Ian Sinclair acting as a special guest. Who’s Ian Sinclair, you might ask? Well, he’s a voice actor who does a lot of anime work, but specifically for Dragon Ball Super, he’s the voice of Whis.

Whis from Dragon Ball Super.
Looks like a blue Elvis to me.

Each fight featured in Dragon Ball Super: Battle of the Battles will be accompanied by clips from the English dub starting from #10. Meanwhile, the hosts will discuss the fight and what they love about the series. Lastly, there will be giveaways throughout the whole event. If you want a chance at free Dragon Ball merch, you might want to look into that part of the event.


Dragon Ball Super: Battle of the Battles will answer the question of which fight in that anime is the best of the bunch. If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, head on over to Toei Animation’s Twitch channel or Funimation‘s YouTube channel on March 27, 2021 to see this question answered. Oh, and be prepared for explosions. And screaming. Never forget the screaming.

Source: Toei Animation and Funimation