Japan’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly is releasing into theaters on December 14th. And in January 2019, the film is releasing to US and Canadian theaters thanks to Funimation Films. This film is the 12th film in the franchise, and it is based on the story, screenplay, and character designs of original creator Akira Toriyama.

The film is going to be following the events of Dragon Ball Super, which is the first new Dragon Ball storyline from Toriyama in about 18 years and the poster has been released, which you can check out below:

Now, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is going to delving into the origins of Sayians and the super-villain Freeza as well. And it will be taking place shortly after the infamous Tournament Of Powers. Broly, himself, is an intensely strong Sayian, although Toriyama reportedly had very little involvement of Broly’s character creation. But after Broly was featured in multiple movies, Toriyama decided to revisit the character and he gave Broly and update and he also added a new side to his character.

Right now, there is no definitive release date for the movie, but January 2019 is a good time slot to give. Hopefully, will release either at the beginning of the month or the middle of the month.

Source: IGN