This morning, travel packages and tickets for Wrestlemania 36 went up. They go on sale November 5th for packages, and individual tickets November 15th. The event that used to be a one day thing, is now a whole week of wrestling for whatever city is lucky enough to host. Next year, Tampa is the host of the greatest event in sports entertainment.

What Goes Into These Packages

To guarantee that you have a ringside seat isn’t a cheap project though. The “Championship Package” comes complete with: a row 1-5 ringside ticket, NXT Takeover Ringside ticket, Hall of Fame Ceremony first section ticket, Monday Night Raw ticket, and a hotel arrangement. You’re getting a lot, but this whole thing will cost you upwards of $7,000. Wrestlemania is worth every penny, but that’s a steep price for a whole week of entertainment in Tampa. It’s of course for a group of 4 people or less. So maybe you and your friends can get a collection going.

The other packages available include less than that, but still have a ticket to Wrestlemania attached. Of course these don’t include any tickets to the other myriad events happening during Wrestlemania week. All the major wrestling promotions big and small run events all running up to the big show on Sunday. AEW is sure to look to steal some of the spotlight from other companies during that week with a big show near their headquarters in Jacksonville.

Wrestlemania week is no longer just about the show on Sunday, it’s a week long event that’s basically the Super Bowl for wrestling fans. If you don’t like WWE, there are so many other wrestling events that you don’t even need to think about what WWE is doing.

Wrestlemania 36 happens April 5th, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. It also runs live on the WWE Network.

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