2021 has just started, and Wizards Of The Coast is set to announce their first Dungeons & Dragons book of the year next Tuesday.

Penguin Random House and Amazon have posted their placeholder links for the new D&D book, set to be released sometime in March.

Dungeons And Dragons
Dungeons And Dragons

Now we don’t know a lot about what this Dungeons & Dragons is going to be about. Comic Book has been saying that one of the new settings that could be released this year is Dragonlance. Now that is a setting that hasn’t had anything released about it since 2007.

Now, if this doesn’t get announced next week, I wouldn’t be shocked if it gets announced over the summer for a September release. As for next week’s announcement, this could be potentially a new book set in The Forgotten Realms or even another Sword Coast adventure/sourcebook.

And if tradition holds, we might have this leaked for us about a day or so before it gets announced.