SDCC 2019 is coming up soon, and Power Rangers is going to be there in full force. We know already that Razor is releasing an MMPR Green Ranger Scooter. Likewise, we know that SDCC will feature 2-pack Jason figures there as well.

And now a 5-pack of MMPR Helmet Pins are going to be at SDCC this year.


Han Cholo will be selling these pins at their booth. The company is known for making geek-inspired jewelry from brands like She-Ra, Masters Of The Universe, Transformers, and even Dungeons and Dragons.

Official description for the MMPR Pins

Here is the official description of the SDCC exclusive pins:

Straight from the 90s and the Angel Grove Youth Center the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have finally come to play! This year at SDCC you can get the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on your side. Featuring the Original Team, Zack, Billy, Jason, Kimberly and Trini this is a must have for any Power Rangers fan, new and old. Don’t sleep, get yours this year before they’re gone.

Han Cholo’s SDCC booth number #1720. The pins don’t have a price point yet. But for all of you MMPR fans, I would highly recommend getting these if you don’t have any MMPR/MMPR Helmet pins yet.

Source: Power Rangers NOW